Artificial Intelligence from the Boardroom to the Factory Floor

Artificial intelligence is no longer a subject of mere conferences and academic papers. It has now become an operational force across industries, be it modern or traditional. Funnily enough, what was supposed to be the research interest of academics from top science faculties are now a tool in the hand of start-up aspirants who are helping the field grow remarkably quickly. Operational excellence has become the buzzword after AI has hit the market hard and every big name is talking about ways to improve it.

They have understood that denying the change seems impossible and that is also the only way to improve their companies. Given that future is in the hands of these people, they ought to make the most of AI’s capabilities to derive maximum value from it. Most importantly, what once was a technology for the highest echelon is now an everyday technology with the advancement.

Manufacturing ready for revolution

The manufacturing industry is absorbing this cutting edge technology at meteoric speed. What once was a technology of NASA is now a technology dedicated to manufacturing plants. No wonder people are calling this decade a revolutionary decade for manufacturing industry that transforms from a labour-based one to a white-collar, intellect-based one. Silicon Valley will have more and more say about manufacturing industry and more and more, AI will become important of operations managers.Artificial Intelligence from the Boardroom to the Factory Floor

So, they should also be careful regarding the transition or they will become out of relevance. In fact, smaller teams will be managing the whole industry and the road from operational management to production will be shorter than ever. Now, manufacturing industry will design faster, engineer better and produce quicker and superior products and can even respond in real-time to shifting demands. Big players like Accenture have already confessed that without AI, economic growth in the current market seems impossible.

The next big thing

Computer technology once transformed the way business is viewed during the threshold of 21st century. Only one and a half decade later, a similar moment is upon everyone and as per prediction, the more AI mature, the more it will ensure that productivity is never stagnant and labour shortage is a thing of the past. In fact, recently, AI became pivotal in understanding the massive failure of KPI projects.

Complex technologies become simple apps in the hand of AI, so you can easily analyse what KPI would suit a particular business. The quality of this insight is tantamount to finding goldmine of operational intelligence. More importantly, the opening of access to all organizations ensure that it is no longer the big capital that is doing all the talking. Rather, every employee can now have considerable impact on the technology.

From a high-level concept to daily tool

AI, released from the shackles of technology labs, is now possible to be rendered into simple tools that you can operate without extensive knowledge of the technology. It is imperative for it to proliferate every level of the organization and as per prediction, this shift will come from start-ups who are desperate to transform these concept into functional, intelligible tools so that they can impact the business more effectively across all strata of organization.

This is, more or less, straightening out the folds of AI and ensuring it has uniformity in its application. Surely, this kind of dissemination was key to the growth of computer technology and AI is destined to take the same route. However, there are certain differences and it is up to the big bosses to understand and shift their plans accordingly. Nonetheless, tracing its narrative seems to be the most exciting thing out there right now.

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