How artificial intelligence is edging its way into our lives

We live in an era from getting up in the morning to driving cars; we are all guided by artificial intelligence. Our world is getting shaped due to artificial intelligence. AI is not only the robots which we saw in Hollywood movies, AI is a huge subject. From searching anything in Internet over Voice or text as well as securing defense data. How artificial intelligence is edging its way into our lives is highlighted here.

  • Facebook and AI shakes hands

Artificial Intelligence has transformed our technology.  Facebook also uses AI, to detect pornography and nudity. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer has also recently announced how the algorithms are detecting the crimes. These days the reporting of the pornography is automatic. He also mentioned that in few cases, human perception is required. In any situations where a comment can be sarcasm or an insult needs to be detected by human thoughts. Artificial Intelligence is never tired unlike humans. Though they also require to be charged up but they last longer than humans.

Artificial Intelligence acts as a security guard protecting from many evils. In many cases, the innovators try to add a human touch in Artificial Intelligence. They also mention that Artificial Intelligence should never replace the Homo sapiens species. Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist in Google, also mentioned the same thing. Artificial Intelligence is ultimately created by humans. Its main role in our society is helping us in our daily lives. We are guided by AI about the weather, booking any tickets or even telling us about traffic jam.

Artificial Intelligence also helps in doing difficult tasks as well as it helps in detecting health checkups. Artificial Intelligence is developed across people in different cultures. From China to America, AI is extensively used in different platforms. The efficiency level got increased these days. We are using a self driven car which works with the well of AI. Even if getting directions to any destination is also the complex algorithms in AI. AI also helps in taking care of the young and the old. Blind people no longer have to type or search any number in their phones. They can just voice search them. The impact of AI is immense in our society.

  • China claims to be the ruler of AI

China is ruling the world in terms of Artificial Intelligence. The American products are least famous in the Chinese markets. Facebook Messenger is of the least famous apps in China. Although we see that it is embedded with so many features. Alibaba or Tencent are the big brands in the Chinese markets. The Chinese technology is a billion dollar industry. They are investing more time in developing these Artificial Intelligence tools.

In 2017, the Chinese Government announced that they will lead the world in the sector of Artificial intelligence. Our domestic lives will also join hands with Artificial Intelligence. It will become a Domotic Society by 2030. After this announcement, the Trump government didn’t speak much about it. America is now leading the market but if China becomes so progressive they will loss that rank.

  • How legal firms are using AI these days

Artificial intelligence is not a biased or not emotional. So the efficiency level is accurate. A human often gets emotional while judging people. There are many layers of sentiments attached with us. But in case of Articial Intelligence they are free from the bonds of emotion. The use of Artificial Intelligence in the sector of Health industry in the longer run will also help us. Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in the law sector also. It can study legal cases universally in a shorter span of time. AI can study the lengthy documents and the contracts quickly. It helps in avoiding grammatical errors. It not adds efficiency but it also helps in solving cases quickly.

From proofreading to legal researches all can be carried out quickly with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AI helps in saving time and earning more profits. One can take more work if they take the help of AI. AI not revolves our professional field it also helps in our domestic lives. Just imagine how we can control our home lightning as well temperature control with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It is a blessing in the era of computer.

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