Artificial Intelligence to fight information overloading

There was a time when people read a printed newspaper every morning while eating their breakfast. Few pages worth of reading everyday was good enough to stay us informed. On top of that,Some people also used to read a few magazines, based on their area of interest. We did not have much more than that for the most people. Now, that seemed like a fairy tale. In today’s world,

There are at least 100 times more contents available and easily discoverable than years back. To stay ourselves  informed, now we have an ample of avenues: Hundreds of news websites,Facebook news feed, Twitter, blogs, other social media platforms,  news apps, almost infinite RSS feeds for the topic of your interest and list goes on and on. The rate at which news contents being generated is a way too higher than the rate at which the news contents are consumed.

This is just a beginning. With the advances in the Big data technologies, it is estimated about 90% of the world’s data is generated over last two years. With the help of this data, more contents will be generated than ever before. In the stream of never ending contents,  it is becoming harder and harder to consume all the news contents you wish to read. Can we try to rely on Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning

To help here? That gives the rise to the need of having a technology that may reduce this overload of the information and help us stay afloat in this ocean of digital contents.  If AI can generate the summary from this vast amount of information, it gives us a feeling of a bit under control for consuming the contents. Summarization is a relatively new area of research in Artificial Intelligence that can play a vital role going forward in the world dominated by the digital information. A summary can be loosely defined as a text that is produced from one or more texts, that conveys important information in the original text(s), and that is no longer than half of the original text(s) and usually significantly less than that.  Summarization technologies have become increasingly desirable as the amount of on-line information increases.

With the automatic summarization technology, it becomes easier for the consumers to consume the contents they wished they could read.  When we can’t read all the news feed or contents we want to read, we may either skip it or get it from our friends, colleagues or family members. Say, If my friend had read something about new announcement from Uber for Self-driving cars,  he/she may summarize it for me and that way I don’t have to go thru that particular news feed by myself. It is such a natural way of communication between two humans.

We are seeing Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated in many interfaces in last couple years. One of the interfaces is ‘Conversational interface’ and we are seeing the rise of the bots you can chat with, called chatbots. If we can train chatbots with auto summarization technologies, now we may have a personal digital assistant that can summarize the infinite stream of the news feed for you.  While reading the news feed, generally people have little patience for reading past the few lines of an article and hope to get to the point as soona s possible. Cruxfinder, a chatbot on Facebook messenger is made for this purpose of helping people fight Information overload with the the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can delegate any article to Cruxfinder and it will summarize for you instantly and helps you stay informed. As Cruxfinder is a chatbot, it simulates the natural way of communication between two humans.

Lets take an example how tools works:

SUMMARY: Big Data for Engineers and Scientists
(Original Article:,

When the above article on was run via Cruxfinder, it generates the summary in 3 sentences with all key information.

Say hi to Cruxfinder bot in Messenger,

Cruxfinder in action ( Animation):


Written by Arpit Shah

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