Artificial intelligence in business: challenges and recommendations

Artificial intelligence in business: challenges and recommendations 1

Artificial intelligence has shaped the business structures. What sets artificial intelligence apart from any other thing is that it has the capability to think like human. More number of business are relying on artificial intelligence as they get far more effect results. Using the advanced algorithms gives better results in compared to using human beings. Gone are the days where artificial intelligence was just in theories and in movies. In a research by Gartner in the year 2016 showed that by 2020, 30% of the companies will use artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is widely used in the business not only to get profits but also to reduce the time. It is found that artificial intelligence produces more work in a shorter time than any employees. Let’s see how artificial intelligence is impacting and shaping the business structure.

  1. Using Chatbots

Chatbots are smart way of using voice activated interfaces and the messaging tools together. It is a mobile enabled feature which helps people in interacting and getting faster results. It is a good way of a data collection by the business. They can use the data to study the demand of the people. It also reduces the time for the users. In any business, we see that they have enabled the option of chatbots.Artificial intelligence in business: challenges and recommendations

The business is launching their own websites and their mobile applications. In both the mediums, they have the option of online chatbots. Here the users can get real time basis solutions. Like if you have a fashion online store and if any of your users needs help in size they can easily chat and get the solution. It is an on the go process. In any ones busy schedule they can use the chat bots. They are also a friendly way of interacting with people. Even if the people are not purchasing anything at that time you can get the data and with the user’s permission you can alert them with offers and discounts.

  1. Using Artificial Intelligence in the Ecommerce business

For any business whether it is a small or medium or a big enterprise using artificial intelligence is helping them to be competitive in the market. It is an easy option available to the companies these days. They are also investing more money in the artificial intelligence sector as people are getting effective results.

The artificial intelligence uses the right data, content and the video and images. For any shoppers they can distinguish as well as compare between different products. Not only different price, size and color can be compared but the shoppers can compare between different brands. Whether they are selecting any clothes, car or any hotel they have a wider option.

One can choose in the site which offers more discounts. These discounts more luring and they attract more number of visitors. Remember those days where during any sale, the footfall of the buyers was very important for the companies.

These days, the more the number of visitors in the websites and the applications leads to the more the number of buyers. AI helps the companies to achieve ranks in the virtual markets. The right keywords and the right ad promotions are the key to the success in the online markets. Artificial intelligence in business: challenges and recommendations 2

  1. Workspace communication

From using the right tools to the right content and the channels the business are getting the best results. They are helping the business structures to improve the productivity also. It is an intelligent virtual assistant for the users. Not only can the companies save time by using artificial intelligence they can also avoid performing repetitive tasks. Like using AI in the pathological labs, helps in doing more number of tests. Any lab assistant can do test on large number of samples. It also helps in saving time for them as well as saving lives of the patients.

In short Eran Abramson, Head of Marketing at Knowmail, said that the employees will be stress free. Yes it will help them to invest their time in other works rather than just repeating themselves.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and its uses in the Human Resource Management

Artificial intelligence in the human resource management can lead to the recruitment of the right set of people. The people can be studied and selected according to their skill sets. The Hr professionals can also avoid repetitive paper works and manually entering the data of the employees. It will help them to save the data for any future use. HR is the main base of any company and selecting the right people will help them to get the best results. The top quality data can be analyzed also.

  1. AI in the healthcare industry

AI is also impacting the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is trying to achieve the best results for the patients. The patients can also keep a track of their health conditions in a regular basis at their home. Many health care devices like Fitbit are launched to track the health status of the people.

You can keep a count of your calories taken as well as calories lost. Have you ever thought that if you are keeping your old parents or kids at home and you have to go out for work? Then using the smart devices will help in keeping a track of them. After getting discharge from the hospitals, the patients can keep a track of their own health and they can send the results to the doctors later. From analyzing the blood sugar samples to the pressure, you can do it all.

  1. Using AI at homes

AI can be used at your homes and it will make a smart home solution. Like using the smart cameras, lockers and the smart devices where you can control the temperature and lighting of the homes also. This is shaping the world. Many home décor companies are launching such smart devices. Companies like Google and Alexa are launching the smart devices at an affordable rate.

The business is indeed getting shaped due to the use of Artificial Intelligence. You can really be a part of a smart world. Have you ever though that it saves time and you are stepping into a smarter world. The real challenge is that the people need to invest more. The users should be ready to invest this amount. As these are smart technologies it also requires knowledge of tech. They also need to be monitored and maintained in a regular basis. Without basic knowledge, the users will not be able to operate it. The users also need to be connected to the online Internet every day.

If there connectivity gets lost then they will also lose touch. These also impact the business. The business also needs to wisely use the data of the users. Otherwise it will lead to data breaching and huge lawsuit can be filed. Without the consent of the users, the business cannot use the data. The data also needs a huge protection otherwise if they are hacked then massive loss will be faced.


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