Artificial intelligence is coming for law firms

Artificial intelligence is coming for law firms1

Law firms employ a lot of junior lawyers who practically do nothing related to law apart from providing mundane information and doing minute research. Most of their time is wasted in scanning documents, which is basically a clerical job. However, you can remedy this scenario if you take the help of AI. Surely, that may end up eating some people’s jobs, but law firms are looking for speed and AI is going to provide them just that.

Why AI is necessary?

Law firms are not just about lawyers but also about peripheral jobs. These jobs may well be gone because the huge amount of low-level processes you need to work with can be solved by AI and you can concentrate on the finer points of lawyer business. So, lawyers can breathe a sigh of relief as they can actually take the help of AI to focus on exactly the kind of work they want to do with clients. Instead of moping around with unnecessary paperwork, AI can make law even more fascinating.Artificial intelligence is coming for law firms

The process of operation

Law firms are already implementing it to help with particular cases. In a recent development, a start-up focusing on legal technology called Raven could actually work on the title deeds of UK Land Registry and extract the data to send legal notices for the proper owners in case of disputes. Surely, that changes the very aspect of legal work as you can now focus on more important cases as well as direct your energy to your interest.

The ambition

Surely, the junior lawyers are in trouble as well as the paralegals. They would work for weeks on this data and get it done while AI does that in minutes. So, the firms save a lot of money and the whole peripheral process can be done within seconds. A junior lawyer searches at most two registers per minute, while AI can do that at a rate of ten per minute.

Since AI is doing the basic things efficiently with high degree of accuracy and incurring the lowest possible cost, it is sure to get a lot of publicity. Senior lawyers are appreciating the change since that removes a lot of headache to recheck the processes if need be. They can now work on finer aspects of law and create breakthroughs in legal thinking. Whether AI becomes problematic in the future or not is yet to be seen, but this is a news that can worry some and excite others.


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