Artificial intelligence a practical viewpoint

Artificial intelligence a practical viewpoint 1

I have a perception about Artificial Intelligence, that someday all my work will be done by AI. I will be brushed and bathed, clothed and fed, without minimal haptic or tactile actions, all controlled by my voice. Thanks to million Sci-fi movies, I would love to own my own ‘JARVIS’ someday. And I should keep daydreaming until then. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t believe that it’s not going to happen soon, but it’s not soon enough. Till then, I am on my own, doing my chores, but surely, enabled by AI.

AI today that we have is better than what we had in yesteryear. Voice assistant is one of the finest example of AI advent. Completing simple tasks, by voice commands using a device, sure sounds easy, but it is one of the most complex AI systems at play. But this is still an example which has a huge feat done.

How about the smaller ones?

There are numerous small tasks that are enabled by AI and yet we don’t know about them. For example, understanding your choices, or assessing what you want and provide same to you in advance. Like, while filling forms, in drop down menus, some forms show your choices first, derived from your previous preferences.

The list of products you might want to buy at a certain time of month, that small AI tokens on your shopping app has derived by digging into your shopping and purchasing patterns, and reminds you about it. Some travel apps push notification about cheap or discounted ticket prices during a specific week of a month, which they have assessed you have taken a vacation to the destination repeatedly. While you are at work, there are so many tasks that AI can take care of, when permitted, like organizing your meeting and task schedules on your calendar, or else draft a quick mail reply.

Let’s also take a delve into bigger picture. In organisations, AI analyses data to come up with some meaningful insights, about consumers, vendors, employees, business processes or product behaviors. Using these insights, companies build or rebuild products, business strategies and transforms for good.

Artificial intelligence a practical viewpoint

AI is a practical approach to deal with data that we gather from anywhere and everywhere. Data helps us to recognize patterns and helps us to take informed decision. Earlier we were talking about voice recognition, but how about devices speaking to us? How does Google Maps speak to us? Not only the app finds out the best route, understanding all the congestion and obstructions, but it also lets us know what we can expect on our way to our destination, and all in a language that we understand. It’s not only processing data but also interpreting its finding to us in a language understandable by us. Natural language processing and generation has come out to be so smooth functioning now.But we are pushing boundaries with AI.

Self-driving cars are proof of it. Self-driving cars are on the line of what all sci-fi movies promise us. Can you fathom the immense of AI success and it practical use? A car without any driver is going around, safely. There are too many aspects of AI involved in it. Image recognition, video and audio processing, and analyzing all the data in matter of seconds to decide and act in splits of second. The traffic signals show red, and the car breaks are automatically pushed slowing it down, stopping it at a certain place and distance without bumping other objects.

The ubiquity that we see around us, and hope to see in more seamless forms, is AI applications in practice. Machines talking to each other, devices getting updated with information itself, based on our activities, so that they are well prepared to serve us in accordance to our preferences, is AI at work every day.

Every company has AI programs embedded in their system some way or the other, to serve themselves and in turn serving their customers. The same goes with us. Penny for a thought is that AI does certain tasks for us in such smooth and swift way, we fail to understand the existence of AI practically surrounding us.

Written by Srikanth

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