Artificial Intelligence Role in Bosch Connected World

Artificial Intelligence Role in Bosch Connected World 2

Cars are becoming automatic and the self-driving cars can converse with you regarding instructions and carry them out accordingly. Have you ever wondered how this can be possible? The answer is simple: Artificial intelligence is at work and it is only going to increase its impact on the process with big names turning their attention to this newfound tool of innovation. If Bosch’s recent exhibition has anything to go by, then it is going to become the trend very soon.

As it is with automatic cars, a powerful brain in the form of computer must be located at its heart that will provide the master control with user simply providing instructions. The enterprise is trying to create an extremely powerful AI that will allow automated driving experience even in a complex traffic situation faced by most drivers during the peak hours of the day. Of course, unless the car knows how to tackle complex traffic, the car can never become a daily usable.

Spotting the differenceArtificial Intelligence Role in Bosch Connected World

As it is the case with traffic, the car needs to make distinctions between various situations and subjects at hand. Bosch has joined hands with Nvidia to develop the central computer which will be fed all the algorithms that Bosch is trying to invent through deep learning and machine learning. Identification and classification of objects form the core of such algorithms.

So, the algorithm will allow the car to identify and segregate a cyclist from a pedestrian. In fact, whether it is a child playing at the sidewalk or a man walking speedily across it, everything will be detected and scrutinized vehemently before one implements the algorithm. Bosch promises to make the traffic a safer and smoother system than ever before and artificial intelligence is the fuel they are banking upon. The research is on full motion as of now.

Roles of AI in future

Beyond the development of the algorithm which is expected to ready by the next decade, AI will also play a pivotal role in the field of IoT where Bosch is currently investing. The enterprise believes that in the coming decade, AI will be all pervasive and hence, it will have a direct impact on Internet of Things so that they are investing heavily on the juncture of these two concerns.

Other important technologies

There are other technologies that Bosch is currently interested in and all these technologies together form an interesting nexus. Blockchain, a form of distributed database that forms the base of Bitcoin, the digital currency that is raging around the world, is one of Bosch’s concerns. They are considering implementing a digital logbook that will be able to detect fraudulent odometers so that the data coming from these devices remain clean and true. They are already going ahead with the idea and will soon implement it across all platforms. In short, this is another way to make sure that the whole process is perfected to boot which is necessary for seamless integration across all modules of the car.

Giving owners the master control

Car owners, while no longer using the steering, are now given insane control over their cars in terms of data as they will be updated about their car like never before. Smartphone apps will be available that provide instant updates like exact mileage at any given point to compare with the odometer reading to see if it is in top condition. Also, in case of selling the car, a mileage certificate will be given through the app.

The customer can use it as the official certificate for future purposes and the app allows anyone to become the owner of the car. Digital platforms allow easy sharing of data which can be further used by the users to share data regarding the car so that in case of transference of ownership, there is transparency in the process. Whether all these will become reality in near future is to be seen.

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