Artificial Intelligence Taking Up Emotional Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Taking Up Emotional Intelligence. 1

Machines are reaching new heights every day. Now, machines are able to stimulate the human brain too. In the upcoming years, there will be way more to witness, undoubtedly. Artificial intelligence is becoming intellectual in human terms.

Experts say that within a few years, they will reach a stage where they will be able to process the human emotions and put them to analysis. Minute genetic differences between people can change major discrepancies in our thought process and the way we display our activities or what we feel. Machine abilities have evolved into great new dimensions, it is able to do something that seemed impossible a few years ago: it can understand emotions.

Now, this happens with the help of neural networks, which is obviously the human brain.

Information that transfers the emotional condition of a person to a machine is transmitted in various ways. Like, use of certain expressions and phrases or a sound that is vocal, maybe the patterns of speech, body gestures, facial expressions play a key role in the same as well. And lastly, physiological signals which include heart rate, pulse or body temperature.

But, the whole concept of physiology might not work all the time since they need individual sensors, but the audible sensors do the trick.

More than 1,400 brands and labels are using artificial intelligence to analyze how their consumers react to their content which could include movies, ads and even TV shows. The analysis of emotions of their spectators help these companies to know on what they should focus and how they should make more modifications to connect to their consumers.

Artificial intelligence helps to make labels “emotion-aware”. This idea is rapidly driving more ubiquitous use of emotion artificial intelligence across a number of different fields.

A very important usage of artificial intelligence has been put into the field of psychology. We live in a world where mental illness is taking a huge toll on people, and this is a major downfall for a lot of people. But, with the advancement in the field of technology with respect to emotions.

We have artificial intelligence that can detect and cure many psychological disorders like depression, and anxiety. With the creation of robots such as Mabu, it is easier to understand what the person is feel even if he is not able to express vocally. Experts are building apps like the Little Dragon which is designed to learn new adaptive moods for infants. Another major examples are video games, they do tend to take us on an emotional journey, based on the player.

Emotions are indeed a private human luxury. But, indulgence of artificial intelligence in the same is taking the world to places.

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