Artificial intelligence will be won with visual data

Artificial intelligence will be won with visual data1

Artificial intelligence is something that everyone wants to get their hands on and yet, no one is particularly sure what will make the best representation of artificial intelligence. As of now, this much is clear that AI will need a lot of visual data. The reason is simple- since human brain processes most data visually, AI can only think human like if it gets enough visual data as its resource. E-commerce has utilized AI to the fullest extent. Hence, it is natural that the onus of trying this technology out will be on eCommerce. Once AI can see all the objects, it can automatically gather the rest of the data.

In short, you need not feed it with data for algorithms to function. Customers need not put search keywords anymore. If everything goes well, then AI will pick your favorite fashion stuff from your selfies and then pick them for you. That is as personalized as it can get. This is surely taking visual data to a whole new level as the written text becomes unnecessary. Once big players like Amazon achieves this as promised, shopping experience will no longer be about searching endlessly across hundreds of different dresses looking for just one dress.

Why visual data to revolutionize shopping?

Behind all innovations and every great technology, vision has been the driving force, be it primarily or secondarily. AI is surely the next step in shaping the world differently as lives, professions; communications as well as environment will become different once AI arrives. As animals became more intelligence, their visual perception increased even more and their processing capabilities started increasing until it reached human stage. Hence, AI has to take the same path where smart sensors populate the devices more and more that collect huge amount of perceptible data.Artificial intelligence will be won with visual data

However, visual data is going to be the turning point as the internet is nowadays filled with pixels. Even texts are now conveyed through images and cameras pervade the reality like no other. E-commerce is surely the site that impacts the most since it is here product descriptions are all in images instead of descriptions. Any kind of image data is it photographic, thermal or anything can be used by AI and hence, it can open possibilities beyond simple processing of selfies. In fact, it will increase the efficiency of shopping for those who avoids shopping because many people hate shopping.

Making your life faster

For those who wear similar kinds of dresses most of the time, they no longer need to look for a particular dress in the online portal. Simple upload your selfies and the rest shall be done for you. In fact, so much so, AI can tell you if your pants are becoming dilapidated or you need to seriously consider a change in fashion. Camera will know how many necessities are lacking in your fridge or bathroom and remind you if need be. Every single kind of visual data can be used by AI to make decisions, suggestions and remarks as necessary.

Human brain depends majorly on visual data since a lot of processing involves interpretation and navigation. Since movement is at the heart of human lives, it is impossible to do so without visual data. A child learns about the world through the eyes and adopts techniques, ideas as well as skills from the surroundings through this medium. AI will be doing the same as all companies are now focusing towards developing a repository of visual data through installation of cameras in various places.

This is surely an exciting idea for a start-up that uses ecommerce and AI in the same breath and utilizes visual data to make customer’s lives easier. It can be an interesting battle no doubt to see how big companies that are yet to adopt AI fight it out with such newbie ones in the race for a greater revenue than ever.

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