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Is Artificial Intelligence -assisted web design the future?

Future graphic designers will perfect more websites than they will create. They will fix websites created by AI programs. And if advances in AI technology continues at the current...
AI and IoT: the brain and the body

AI and IoT: the brain and the body

In today’s progressive world Artificial Intelligence offers us many dynamic options. Like AI offers us how to take smart decisions, effective planning, evaluating options, calculating possibilities and strategist but...

Artificial intelligence in business: challenges and recommendations

Artificial intelligence has shaped the business structures. What sets artificial intelligence apart from any other thing is that it has the capability to think like human. More number of...

10 important facts about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

There is no shred of doubt in that Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days and gaining popularity day by day.  In a few a years this technology has...
automated security testing

Learn how to set up automated security testing

Why should we be concerned about security testing? As our world is revolving more and more around web and technology, cyber security is increasingly becoming the biggest issue. As we...
artificial intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence in India

  Know about Application Of Artificial Intelligence in India –Preview India is the leader in the global BPO industry after its terrific success in dealing with overseas clients, India feels...

Artificial Intelligence Based Sound Synthesizer

Google’s NSynth Super – AI Touch-screen Open Source Sound Synthesizer for Musicians
artificial intelligence

How to Build up Career with AI ?

The Artificial Intelligence tightens up its stronghold in the industry. It is an innovative technology to defy the manpower. It is a wireless robotic machine which behaves likes humans. ...
Will AI be a Turning Point in Healthcare?

Will AI be a Turning Point in Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence is a shadow in our lives. Big data and analytics is now becoming a key factor in our lives. Healthcare, education, insurance sector, space, agricultural field Big...

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Cloud Giants spent on Data Center Tech

World's biggest cloud platforms spend huge amount off $11 billion on hardware and software in the latest three months in 2018 said market analyst. A...

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