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  • No need of cloud: Why AI is the future edge tech

    The algorithms for running man-made intelligence or AI applications have been so huge and complex that they’ve required preparing on incredible machines in the cloud and server farms, making a wide swath of uses less helpful on cell phones and other “edge” devices. Presently, that worry is rapidly softening ceaselessly, because of a progression of […] More

  • Computer-based intelligence (AI) Friend or Foe

    Given the huge regions of potential application for Artificial intelligence, it is difficult to concentrate on even only a bunch of the fundamental benefits. In any case, in rundown: due to IOT associations and connections, the gigantic dimension of personalization will imply that we would all be able to utilize a mix of devices in […] More

  • AI to empower workforce and drive objectivity by Mohua Sengupta

    Corporate India is going through a defining time, with emerging technologies taking over many areas of business. Human resource is one such critical area, which is core to any business and has been going through rounds of revolution and transformation, both in terms of processes and technology. Artificial Intelligence happens to be the newest kid […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence own sidekick Watson

    Most chatbots attempt to imitate human communications, which can baffle clients when a misconception emerges. Watson Aide is more. It realizes when to scan for an answer from a learning base, when to request lucidity, and when to guide you to a human. Watson Collaborator can keep running on any cloud – enabling businesses to […] More

  • Major AI Advances in Media and Publishing Industry

    Fueled by a profusion of digitized data and the latest computational processing power, AI is disrupting every industry. The technology’s ability to detect patterns among billions of unrelated data points is revolutionizing the manner in which humans work, communicate, study, and entertain themselves. Like many other industry segments, Artificial Intelligence is taking the media and […] More

  • World’s first AI whiskey by Microsoft can be the face of future

    AI has definitely brought crazy changes in today’s development world. From education to health, business to medicine, researches have started to add technology everywhere, making the sector nothing but the most powerful. But nobody ever saw AI whiskey, did they? Yes, you’ve read it right. The world turned its head when Microsoft announced the world’s […] More

  • AI powered Hummingbird robots to replace drones

    Drones give the best aerial view to anything. From using it to travel to using it for public protection, drones can be utilized in various ways to bring the best out of them. However, they can be too big sometimes and their size cannot be relatively smaller due to their incapability when small. Researchers at […] More

  • How we can save the environment with Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence can be useful to the human race in all ways. But have we ever thought of using the technology we have to save the environmental bio degradation? Well, yes. Here are the ways in which AI can be used to save the environment. In collaboration with AI, folks will facilitate to unravel a […] More

  • How is AI Technology improving Restaurant Industry?

    In spite of the fact that inexorably acclaimed, Restaurant Industry is a significant intense spot to prevail as the flavors of buyers, and the configuration of eateries is developing quickly. The methodology of clients in finding the best spot to feast in or eat out has changed. There are some who visit eateries on a […] More

  • Using AI in gaming: a commercial and developmental hit

    Artificial intelligence can revolutionalize each sector in human development. however, the most important changes that may occur with AI in human history is that the development in a vice. till recently, technology in games was driven by a desire to realize real-time image realistic graphics. To an oversized extent, this has currently been achieved. Game […] More

  • AI capabilities and innovative platforms for fraud detection & prevention

    AI becomes an effective technology in the fraud detection and prevention strategy for any organization. Moreover, innovative platforms have been launched through collaboration to enhance capabilities and spot fraudulent activities in online advertising. With growing online frauds and data theft activities, it has become essentially important to take necessary security measures for detection and prevention. […] More

  • How does AI Influence Sports Predictions?

    Artificial Intelligence is when different aspects of learning or features of intelligence are taught to a machine, which can be simulated to solve the kind of problems reserved for humans. So we can say that AI is when a language or certain set of instructions is taught to a machine to solve human problems and […] More

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