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  • How AI and Machine Learning Are Used To Transform the Insurance Industry

    The insurance industry has always relied on data, but the quantity of data produced everyday and the pace of processing information by the machines has developed extensive changes. The insurance industry has suffered significant changes through effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Regarding the innovation and technology it can’t be considered as passive […] More

  • Artificial intelligence sector ‘needs more brain power’

    Artificial intelligence: It’s the new technology and machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computer programs to learn when exposed to new data without being programmed and plays the major role in every industry to discuss about how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve quality, speed and functionality. When it […] More

  • Google’s New AI Can Mimic Human Speech Almost Perfectly

    Google’s New AI Can Mimic Human Speech Almost Perfectly

    Human Speech: The new Artificial Intelligence of Google can almost mimic the human speech perfectly. A company named DeepMind has shared the details about the Wave Net. DeepMind is a research company for artificial intelligence.  The real human speech can be synthesized by using the deep neural network called Wave net.  Now the technology has […] More

  • Role of Artificial Intelligence to connect wtih Customers2

    More artificial intelligence, fewer screens: the future of computing unfolds

    Each person in today’s world is glued to the various screens of phones, tablets, computers and TVs. Reports say that an average human being spends more than 10 hours a day staring at a user interface screen. However, reports and surveys claim that in future, our user interface and user experience might have no screens […] More

  • AI deliverers Value to companies

    Can artificial intelligence help feed the world?

    Artificial Intelligence has changed our outlook on the physical world. We have already achieved various realities with the help of AI. Here we discuss whether this modern technology has the capability of feeding us in the future. We now live in a world where crop yield has become constant where our population is on a […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence relation with shopping online

    Artificial intelligence to aid learning in schools

    Traditional schooling technique required a hard grinding work for both teachers and students. Teachers had to prepare hard notes, check on the student’s homework and improvise ways for better understanding of subjects, not to mention the troublesome students and the wide variety of their capabilities. On the same hand, students had to suffer the uniform […] More

  • Open-Source Deep Learning Frameworks and Visual Analytics1

    4 questions of small businesses about artificial intelligence

    Our world is now filled with Artificial Intelligence. Our questions are now answered by Artificial Intelligence. And naturally, we have come dependent to it. According to sources, AI is transforming our world “ten times faster” than the Industrial revolution. Ans we have the results on our hands with Alexa and Siri. As AI unravels the […] More

  • Businesses adapting to the uses of artificial intelligence

    Businesses adapting to the uses of artificial intelligence

    Computer systems are ending up being much more like humans every day.These are all the important things that we’ve discovered since birth, however computers have no idea any of that. A lot of computer systems are incredibly quickly at mathematics, but they’re greatly stupid.The power of calculating to eliminate human error in jobs throughout markets […] More

  • AI Robot beat gaming updates

    AI Robot learns to beat gaming pros

    In a major development for expert system, a computing system established by Google researchers in Excellent Britain has beaten a leading human gamer at the video game of Go, the old Eastern competition of technique as well as instinct that has actually unsettled AI specialists for decades.Machines have covered the very best humans at the […] More

  • Economic and Social Impact of AI Takes Center Stage1

    Economic and Social Impact of AI Takes Center Stage

    Over the past couple of weeks we have actually done much hype of the effect of Expert system, the house of big data as well as Robotics on the globe of job and also the topics we must be educating our children. We are at a moment of profound societal change, not just relative to […] More

  • AI Business Technology updates

    AI Evolves into a Business Technology ‘Megatrend’

    The hype bordering expert system (AI) is necessitated. AI is now a “mega trend,” barreling its way into the IT mainstream.Artificial knowledge innovations will certainly be one of the most disruptive course of innovations over the next 10 years as a result of radical computational power, near-endless quantities of information, as well as extraordinary breakthroughs […] More

  • Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales

    Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales

    According to Sarah White in a recent article for CIO, “Experts agree that AI has the potential to eliminate mundane, administrative work,” freeing up time for salespeople to focus on the tasks that require skills robots have yet to learn, including empathy, compassion, and creativity. The reasons how AI is boosting up sales: AI is […] More

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