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  • AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier than health services by analyzing Facebook posts

    AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier by analyzing Facebook posts

    Depression seems to be enough to be detected in this way; it really changes the use of social media by people so something like diabetes doesn’t happen, ‘the researchers wrote. An artificial intelligence program (AI) was trained to explore Facebook posts for “linguistic red flags” which could be a sign of depression identifying conditions up […] More

  • Integrating AI into Recruitment Can Be Beneficial for Companies Facing the Labor Crisis

    Integrating AI into Recruitment Can Be Beneficial for Companies Facing the Labor Crisis

    Unemployment in the United States is at the lowest level (3.7 percent) in almost 50 years. However, while this shows the positive state, it also shows a shortage of key workers in some of the country’s biggest sectors, including construction, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and health care. And with 60 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed by CareerBuilder […] More

  • How AI Is Transforming App Development?

    Today, mobile applications are being developed for almost everything. Due to a cut-throat competition among businesses across fields, mobile app developers are trying to come up with more unique and sophisticated apps day by day. Apps help businesses to reach their audience and provide services anytime and anywhere. Increased use of technology and implementing wiser […] More

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

    Fasten up Your Seat Belts for Dynamics 365 AI suite!

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most evolved customer relationship management. But, the fact is that it is much more than just a CRM solution. Dynamics 365 is endowed with some of the latest apps and solutions that help a company in many ways. A few of the high rated apps and tools in […] More

  • Impact of AI Technology on the Economy and Business

    AI brought $700 billion to companies – Gartner In April, 2018, Gartner analytical agency published the results of a study showing how much companies in the world have earned money through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Experts assessed the commercial value of AI systems in companies representing various industries. The sum is made up […] More

  • London is fast becoming a major hub for A.I

    London is establishing a reputation as a worldwide Artificial Intelligence center with the investors flocking to the city. Some of the new research from the Pitchbook revealed that between the period of 2015 and 2017 Artificial Intelligence developers in the city saw a VC funding with increase of more than 200%. Pitchbook is a software […] More

  • World’s first AI news anchor unveiled in China

    The TV anchor has just joined a China News agency, but with some twist, that it is not a human. China state-run Xinhua News agency has launched and unveiled an Artificial Intelligence anchor, a move it also claims to be a world first. “English Artificial Intelligence Anchor” has debuted yesterday at the World Internet Conference […] More

  • The world’s best playground for AI and blockchain

    Now just imagine a country with an army of all the techies, which a government that supports the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence by setting up an investing and mandate billions, some of the large technology companies which are rapidly implementing and experimenting at a large scale. This just mainly covers the Blockchain and AI playground […] More

  • Using AI to explain religious conflict

    The American Scientist has now developed an Artificial Intelligence system which can help in better understand which helps in triggering the religious violence. The study which has been revealed in the report for the Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, which is mostly focused on two cases of the extreme violence, firstly it is the conflict […] More

  • 7 AI And ML usecases Everyone Should Know

    Machine learning (ML) is a buzzword in the tech industry and there is a good for it. Machine learning refers to huge developments in areas in how computers can learn. If you’re new to the concept of “machine learning”, let me give you some context. Machine learning (ML) is a category of an algorithm that […] More

  • AI versus humanity: Who will win?

    Do you think AI could beat humanity at its own game? It certainly hits the headlines a lot, with the latest development always offering a way to revolutionise the way we live. It’s time for a reality check. In this guide, you’ll learn how technology is already assisting us and how AI is different from the […] More

  • IBM, Harvard develop tool to tackle black box problem in AI

    Nowadays, device translation has progressed at a faster pace due to advances in the deep studying and neural networks. And then again, some of the great benefits of the neural networks has come at the price which is as of now no longer realizing which is actually going with them, just because of this it […] More

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