Artificial Skin Equips Robots with Hazard Detection

Scientists create special robot skin for safety, mimicking how we avoid pain.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Artificial Skin Equips Robots with Hazard Detection

Scientists are creating a special skin for robots to help them sense danger and stay safe. It is same as we avoid pain by staying out of trouble.


Just imagine that the robots that feel danger and quickly react to prevent accidents. That is what researchers in Germany are working on. They are building a special “nervous system” for robots that acts like the pain we feel to keep us safe.

Similar to how we move our hand away from something sharp, these robots, with their new artificial skin, can pull back from things that might hurt them. The scientists showed the robot how to feel different amounts of “ouch” from things like hitting or heat. Depending on how serious the danger seems, the robot adjusts how fast it moves away and for how long.

Researcher Johannes Kuehn states why it is crucial for robots to “feel” pain. It is like a protective system. When we move away from things that hurt, it keeps us safe. By giving robots this skill, they can take care of themselves better, especially when they are using big machines or tools in factories.

But it is not just about avoiding crashes. It is like the robot learns to take care of itself. The clever part is, the robot does not just avoid bumping into people. It also makes sure it does not get hurt. Kuehn says this extra safety step is really important in places where humans and robots work together.

This awesome discovery could prevent accidents and reduce damage in places like factories. When robots have this special skin, they make sure to stay safe, making it much safer for both the robots and the people working nearby. This big step forward means humans and robots can work together more safely.

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