ASUS ROG Gaming Phone – Highest Specifications


Asus had their launch event at Computex. After seeing the Razer phone last year there all some stuff that it does well. It has a great display and has an interesting build but it is not that much of a great phone. ROG phone at least on paper and sort of based on first impression looks like is a good balance.

So what is the ROG Phone?

What you’re getting here as on the surface a very unique looking device. Not only it has and LED that is going to be full RGB on the back but there is also a event, vapor chamber cooling and got what it looks like to be one of the best looking displays on a smart phone. The ROG phone has a rocking a six inch, 2160  x 1080 p AMOLED display. That might not sound impressive but you are getting two things here first of all, it is a solid panel and its got good viewing angles, really impressive brightness which will support HDR but almost more important that it is going to be running a full 90Hz.

Now on the paper the Razer phone has its beat but not only you are getting a much nicer looking OLED panel but as far as we are concerned running at 90 frames per second versus 120 frames per second is very hard to tell on any display especially when it comes to a phone. So what you’re getting here is actually a decent looking phone if you take a look at the back of the phone you will see it has definitely got some gamer style designs.

The rest of the specs are literally as high end as you can imagine. It has the snapdragon 845 which is actually a custom version running under just 3 GHz they don’t have the exact SKUs just yet but there’s eight gigs of RAM and up to supposedly 512 GB of storage.

Camera wise you’re getting set up that is very similar to the Zen phone 5and 5Z wide Angle eight megapixel camera as well and a 12 megapixel standard shooter. The main difference is that these are going to be supported by Google AR core which should be helpful in the AR games with a decent performance which is better to the Razer phone comparatively. All this is being backed up by a 4000 mAH battery.

Other things we have got are first of all it has a USB-C ports and also really impressive front fighting speakers. You can actually squeeze on the edges of the phone to enable the gaming mode. It also has a map software. The first accesory is the aero active cooler since smart phones get heat up quickly so you’re actually gonna get some cool air between your fingers

Asus also lets you switch into X Mode through that squeezing on it’s sides. The gamevice controller works with WiGig Dock in tandems to stream wirelessly on 60GHz 802.11ad WiFi. The other accessory is the seconf screen which turns the ROG phone to a dual screen device also known as the TwinView Dock.

The ROG Phone’s price hasn’t been announced yet but it is expected that this phone wil be on sale from the third quarter of 2018.

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