Atmosic, Technosphere Join Forces for Eco-Friendly IoT Innovation in India

By Sunil Sonkar
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Atmosic, Technosphere Join Forces for Eco-Friendly IoT Innovation in India

Two cool companies, Atmosic Technologies and Technosphere, have teamed up to bring eco-friendly tech to India’s smart gadgets. It is like a new era of awesome ideas.


Technosphere, a big player in designing smart things in India, joined forces with Atmosic Technologies, known for creating super low-power wireless gadgets. Together they have developed the ECOPRO-GX100, which is a special Bluetooth gadget that makes our devices last much longer without the need for frequent battery changes.

Imagine your cool gadgets, like smart home devices, medical tools, trackers and more, lasting up to four times longer on a single charge. So, you don’t have to throw away old batteries as much, making the environment happy. The ECOPRO-GX100 is like an environment superhero, using Atmosic’s smart tech to save power and make our devices last longer.

It is being considered a cool gadget for India as the government here is all about making cities smart and that means using lots of connected devices. The ECOPRO-GX100 is perfect for this as it is 75% more energy-efficient than other gadgets. So, it is not just cool, but it is simultaneously helping India become smarter and greener.

Technosphere CEO Bhaskar Rao said this new gadget is a game-changer. It is like a part of the “Smart Cities Mission” where the goal is to make 100 cities in India smarter with cool technologies. The ECOPRO-GX100 fits right into this plan, making our gadgets last longer and be more sustainable.

Michael Fortin from Atmosic Technologies added that this gadget is not just good for big companies, but it is equally important for regular people like us. It is like a win-win. Companies save money on maintenance and we get gadgets that work longer without any hassle.

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