Augmented Reality will change the way we see the world

Augmented Reality will change the way we see the world

Augmented reality is a new wave of technology which will find its applications and place very soon in everyday life. The possibilities are truly infinite for AR technology. Its integration with daily wearables or smart phones is a great step forward in that direction. But what exactly is AR? Often, we find ourselves admiring the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and when Occulus Rift was first launched, it remained a mystery to so many gamers who enjoy the perks of VR. However, VR and AR two entirely separate technologies. So, Augmented Reality really changing the world we see? Let’s find out.

AR vs VR

For many reasons AR and VR very different. The underlying objective of two technologies are also different. VR transforms the user’s world into something surreal and graphical, whereas AR adds on the digital elements to real world field of view.

Microsoft HoloLens and others

Today we have many companies producing smartphones which are capable of AR processing and if you really observe your oldest smartphone might also show the hints of AR reality. Snapchat, Facebook and other social media platforms use stickers, which are basically AR powered filters. Now, Microsoft HoloLens is completely different from what you have been seeing till now.

The HoloLens headset comes with full windows suite, hand gestures, speakers and portability. These goggles do weigh at least half a Kg, which is kind of heavy, but they will evolve. Google Lens is another brilliant example of AR. However, Microsoft and Google both failed to integrate the products into users’ daily life. The applications of AR are truly infinite. It can change the way you shop, the way you use google maps, or the way you visualize advertisements.


It can be used in architecture, where the engineers can view the building layouts on the empty unconstructed land. Medical students can see the ins and outs of the human anatomy in 3D and can interact with the pieces, which makes it all the more interesting. You no longer have to look at your smartphone every time you need to find some new place; your AR powered gear will lay it out for you in front of your eyes. Automobile designers or any product designers can benefit a lot from this technology. We do have 3D software, which can bring the product to life but not in the way AR does. The main feature of AR is that you can interact with the objects on the screen in front you with hand gestures.

This can all be true. Apple’s A11 Bionic chip and iOS11 greatly support AR, which means AR is already creeping into our lives. Believe it or not, Pokemon Go is one of the greatest points of AR technology. Everyone liked the idea of real-time gaming and interacting with the objects in the game and seeing them among us. That was just mind blowing to a lot of people and this is just the beginning of what AR can do. Augmented Reality can really change the way we see and interact with our smart devices, and makes them more realistic.

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