Aurassure Launches IoT Solution to Combat Pollution Through Environmental Monitoring

By Sunil Sonkar
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Aurassure Launches IoT Solution to Combat Pollution Through Environmental Monitoring

Air pollution is a growing concern and across the world. It affects millions of people and the environment too. Innovative startup Aurassure has launched an IoT-enabled system to monitor and combat air pollution. It is founded by engineering student Akanksha Priyadarshini and is making waves in providing solutions towards environmental monitoring.


Priyadarshini was determined to find effective ways to address the air pollution and this led her to start with Aurassure. Her startup mainly uses advanced IoT technology to monitor environmental gases, dust and weather parameters. It is claimed to be end-to-end solutions and empowers communities as well as authorities with real-time data. She aims to create a more informed and proactive approach in managing air quality.

Aurassure system has hyperlocal air quality monitoring capability. It collects data from various sensors and integrates the data with satellite-based information. This helps in providing highly accurate weather forecasts. The accuracy level is up to 95%.

The startup is committed to social and environmental benefits. It is not focused in just cost-cutting or revenue generation. However, it managed in generating revenue of Rs 1 crore in the first year. The revenue in the second year was Rs 5.4 crore. The systems are currently deployed in over 150 cities across India. It is learned that overseas expansion is in plans.

With the success of Aurassure it is believed that technology can play crucial roles in addressing environmental challenges. Aurassure is empowering communities with accurate real-time data. It is helping communities to make informed decisions and take action against pollution. All these help in improving public health and foster a more sustainable environment.

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