Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ for women

Picture Source: Supplied
Picture Source: Supplied

What’s next after Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Cars, SmartBikes…how about Smart Handbags? Astonished? Well, don’t be. An Australian technology start-up has already achieved this feet and is making ladies gaga over its this invention.

Lorna Swinstead and Bel Wood are the dynamic duo behind launching these technology powered “smart handbags”. While currently they are only available in Australia, the duo have plans to expand and make these bags available in other parts of the world as well.

The cross-body handbags by Lorna and Bel are made with thick, grain leather or suede, and come with a powerful 5000mAh battery. The battery is hidden in a dedicated compartment with a charging cable available in a rear pocket of the handbag. The charging cable lets women use their phones while they are charging. So, that means no running pillar to post in need of a charging point in order to make sure that your phone doesn’t run dry during the middle of the day.

The Australian startup is just one of the many startups turning their focus towards female-centric technology. According to experts, with the rising interest in females for female-centric technology, many more players are expected to explore the space and the industry might become a a multibillion-dollar industry in the near future.

The $399 smart bag isn’t only high on tech but also high on fashion. The startup has made sure that the bag is a perfect amalgamation of fashion and technology which satiates the fashion and tech of every 21st century woman.

The handbag by Lorna and Bel is an apt example of the growing wearable tech market. According to predictions made by CCS Insight, the wearable technology industry will cross $US34 billion in another four years in the year 2020, and reach a whopping $US14 billion in sales by the end of 2016.

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