Australian Startup Lets Foreigners Attend Traditional Indian Weddings

By Sunil Sonkar
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Australian Startup Lets Foreigners Attend Traditional Indian Weddings

In a colorful fusion of cultures, an Australian startup, JoinMyWedding, is making waves by offering foreign tourists the opportunity to engage in the lavish festivities of traditional Indian weddings. Founded in 2016 by Hungarian-Australian entrepreneur Orsi Parkanyi, the company has become a trending topic on social media. It is enticing curious travelers with promises of the “ultimate cultural immersion.”


With India boasting over 300 different types of weddings annually, the startup facilitates a unique experience by connecting travelers with couples willing to share their love stories and wedding itineraries. For a fee of $150 (Rs 12,488) per person, or $250 (₹ 20,814) for a two-day celebration, tourists can witness and engage in the vibrant traditions of an Indian nuptial ceremony.

Orsi Parkanyi said, “You get to experience all the different cultural elements in one go: meet with local people, taste the local cuisine, dress in Indian attire, music, ambiance, entertainment, learn about the local customs, even architecture, depending on the wedding venue.”

The concept has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with users applauding it as a brilliant business idea. One user on X (formerly Twitter) tweeted that it is not bad at 150 USD for the host. Another pointed out that similar businesses exist through travel agents and wedding planners.

“They pay good money, and it helps the family get off burden too. Win-win situation,” chimed in a third user.

The JoinMyWedding website invites you to wear traditional Indian clothes, savor exotic flavors, dance to enchanting music and join in beautiful wedding traditions.

Whether you are up for an exciting adventure or a fantastic cultural exchange, JoinMyWedding has nailed the ideal way for those who want a special and immersive experience in the heart of India’s vibrant wedding traditions.

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