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  • Understand the difference between AddMvc() and AddMvcCore()

    In this article, we are discussing the differences between AddMVC () and AddMvc Core (). As a beginner in the .NET language, you must have stumbled upon these two methods in the configure services () of the startup class. Both the methods look quite similar and their respective help tooltips simply tell us this: Adds […] More

  • Python is marching ahead without any hurdle

    Python is growing at a rapid speed. It is evolving at every stage to offer something better and better to the users. At the same time, since, the language is growing immensely, therefor career prospects of the language are also growing at a high rate. More and more people are keen to learn the language, […] More

  • Effective Ways to Improve Python Code Efficiency

    Python and Efficiency: The case is the simpler the programming the faster the execution. As for Python, it has spread across all the domains due to its popularity and functionality. With top-rated computer science schools in the U.S. teaching Python Development, surpassing Java. The main reason behind this is the ease of syntax in Python, […] More