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    AI has Power to Remodel Customer Support Journey

    Artificial Intelligence is changing the way the world works. As per some of the world famous experts, AI is going to be an extremely important and useful invention. It has the power to transform the way every sphere of the world functions. Though, AI was majorly known to be beneficial only for the corporate or […] More

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    Interconnectedness,Collaboration is the Key to Success

    What does success really mean for a company? Is it just the increase in the numbers every quarter? Well, boosting numbers are certainly the most important success matrix for an organization. And, a lot of people judge a company’s success rate with respect to its revenue, but have you ever though what all does it […] More

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    Magento Trends to Pedal to the Metal

    Magento, as we know is undoubtedly one of the most used and preferred ecommerce platforms around the globe. Magento is helping a great number of companies across the world to not strengthen their business, but to also drive innovations. It is one of the most quickly evolving eCommerce script, which is an open source Customer […] More

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    The Game is all set, Dynamics CRM is Rocketing Up as the Favorite!

    Irrespective of the area of functionality of your company, customers always remain the most significant part of the organization. And, managing customer relationships is the basis for making it big in the corporate world. Customer relationship management solution cannot just help gather, organize and handle all of the customer data, but it also keeps all […] More

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    Revamp Your Online Presence Through Big Data Analytics!

    Big Data is turning out to be a driving force of an analytical revolution in the world. Big Data is nothing but the capturing of a large amount of, and complex data related to, or useful for a firm. Now, this data captured is recorded, analyzed and worked upon to churn out better strategies for […] More

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    What’s cooking between Blockchain and Big Data?

    Blockchain is regarded as one of the most remarkable tech developments over the recent times. When it comes to Blockchain, it surely has the capacity to modify the way we actually view big data. Blockchain provides us with high grade security and data quality. One of the most key benefits that it offers as compared […] More

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    Spur innovation in all business with Big Data Analytics

    The buzz around Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence is growing leaps and bounds and so is the expectation of businesses from these technologies. Companies in every sector are looking keen to incorporate decent Big Data and Artificial Intelligence strategies in order to enhance their business. Starting from IT, and retail industries to even […] More

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    These Are the Top IT Services Management Challenges

    The importance of IT services has skyrocketed in the recent times. According to a recent study, about 50% of organizations considered, managed services, crucial for their digital transformation plans. Also, 60% of the companies survey also revealed that they would happily pay 100% premium rates over the standard charges if they get expert sourcing, implementation, […] More

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    The Outstanding Features of Dynamics 365 Spring Release 2018

    Dynamics 365 is a popular product from Microsoft- an ERP and CRM combination that helps businesses manage their operations and processes in a better way. With Machine intelligence and other inbuilt advanced technologies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a huge wave among large corporations. With the most recent Spring 2018 release, there have been multiple updates […] More

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    TCS hits the golden spot, touches $100-billion; is India an IT services superpower?

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recently became the first ever domestic IT services company to touch the $100-billion figure in market capitalization. Throughout intra-day trade, the firm’s market capitalization marked $100 billion to hit Rs.6, 80,912.10 crore. Reliance Industries was the only other company to hit the $100-billion market cap figure more than 10 years back. […] More

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    Top Data Analytics Trends That Might Spark The Next Big Bang

    In recent 10 years, Data Science is now the most debated issue, yet the greater part of its idea was available. The use of Data Science turned out to be just conceivable after the presence of substantial informational indexes to work upon, powerful machine learning calculations and systems to work these calculations. It is a […] More