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  • Data connectivity on airplanes

    Travelling through air planes has been a phone-free zone. This has been a tradition since the very beginning. As soon as we hop on to the plane, we are expected to turn off our electronic devices and switch to magazines. This has been happening over the years and the reason behind it is to not […] More

  • What’s similar in Zigbee and Z-wave protocols

    Zigbee as well as Z-wave are both mesh wireless technologies that were made in the first place to very small amount of data in a span of short or medium distances. They were both built on a low power base as well. Over-viewing a brief about both the technologies, Z-wave was released in the year […] More

  • Monetizing IoT devices

    The internet of things is a massive platform. It is a network that grows and matures everyday. Currently, around 5 billion people are connected to this network and it is estimated that it shall become a potential market with 7 billion drivers by 2020. Lot of people are eyeing on this for sector for monetisation. […] More

  • Machine Learning To Understand The Human Immune System.

    Machine learning has been used in various fields and businesses. Same has been implied ton the immunity system. Our immune response is more or less a machine-learning problem where in our body acts as a computer. With the aid of machine learning technologies, somewhat similar analysis has come to the surface. As we know, the […] More

  • AI Based Robots to look out in 2018

    The world of artificial intelligence is taking new leaps every day. Experts are coming up with phenomenal outputs to make the world witness some enthralling wonders in artificial intelligence. The sci-fi movies are no more just a fantasy. Scientist have put in so much efforts to make the best of robots or new gen-bots to […] More

  • From Tradition Teaching to E-Learning

    There is no doubt in the fact that the world is becoming a different place with all the modifications in technology that is taking place. There is no page that is being left unturned everything is being digitised. You can have everything on your screen and fingertips. It has brought up so many new possibilities. […] More

  • Bosch India is first to achieve better automation, electrification and connectivity

    In a report by global data, India has become the fourth nation in the world by overtaking Germany in the field of automatic market. Companies across the globe are working intentionally to get their leading position secured and doing best for enhancing their innovation and research &  development (R&D) work so that they can fulfill […] More

  • Key Technology changes in Supply Chain

    Gartner the industry analyst said that there are almost two thirds in supply chain profession to grip on technology that holding the main key of for securing the actual competitive majority. To enhance the growth an organization must find out how to the potential that can be used as cases like how the technology will […] More

  • Intel Mobileye and Baidu Partnered to amplify Apollo’s self- drive

    A China largest and biggest tech company Baidu is all set to introduce their self-driving car platform. On 3rd July 2018, Baidu organizes a conference in Beijing sharing their future plans and talked about there recent partnership with Intel just to desegregate and deploy an Israeli developer Mobileye’s technology and turn it into Project Apollo […] More

  • IOS 12 features from Beta Versions

    Being introduced to the latest versions of the iOS is always a treat.  With the latest version of iOS being launched, it has created a stir in the market. Everyone is eyeing on the new details and features that are coming along with it. So, let us take a tour of the new added features. […] More

  • Major Changes in Android P

    With android competing in the developers market, it came up with it’s the latest version of android P, it has been exclusively built for all the pixel, there are a few other models as well who support the upgrade, allowing devices to support better optimization of the device. The latest version android promises the best […] More

  • Tesla’s new energy storage plan in California

    Tesla had joined hands with The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), which is the largest electric company in whole United States to manufacture a large number of batteries with a capacity of almost 1.1 GWh. In a report by Electrek stated that the project is going to a state in California has the largest […] More

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