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  • Role of CNC machines in IOT manufacturing

    It is no doubt that various machinists are now enjoying the benefits of Internet of Things, in CNC manufacturing, including CNC machines and other tools as well. Just like any other breakthrough technology, it will need more time to adapt and mature, but the levels of excitement is indeed present in this case. As any […] More

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    Top 5 Brand influencing Global Mobiles sales Q1 2019

    With the growing popularity of the smartphone market and the ways via which various brands are influencing the market, is changing every quarter of an year. Every quarter, there has been stiff competition between various mobile phone brands – out of which one company that always seems to beat its competitors, and that is Samsung. […] More

  • How AI Based tools Helping social media promotions

    There has been a vast amount of unstructured social data that is overwhelming many social media marketers right now. Add to that list are the ever-increasing list of social media influencers and also social media service requests as well. Therefore, in order to tackle such issues and problems like these, more people is not the […] More

  • Fiber Laser Marking in Automotive Industry

    Fiber Laser Markers are the new trending machinery in the automotive industry that deals with the finishing and making of parts; whether big or small. Apart from the automotive industry, fiber lasers are popular in other kinds of industrial markings on machines as well. Fiber lasers are nowadays being used for all kinds of plastic […] More

  • Marketing Won’t Get You Anywhere If You Don’t Do These 5 Things

    Marketing can be a confusing concept, because most people imagine billboards and cheesy commercials. Fortunately, you can ditch the one-sided marketing tactics and use a more thoughtful approach. Otherwise, you won’t get anywhere. Here are the marketing essentials you should be focusing on: 1. Appropriate content marketing No matter how good one campaign is, it […] More

  • PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision

    Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-chief Power Sportz ,advices AP State Government How they can help promote the vision of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister  Kanthi was amongst the distinguished luminaries and senior bureaucrats of Andhra Pradesh, at the event held at VigyanBhawan. The event was held to discuss why the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh has all […] More

  • What Is Email Forwarding In The Cloud?

    Email Forwarding in the cloud is the procedure by which various email forwarding service providers,  help in forwarding all emails that you receive on the cloud to one or multiple email addresses. There are various kinds of free email forwarding service as well as paid forwarding service too. This forwarding tool is significant for users […] More

  • Samsung Note 9’s Camera Improved with latest updates

    It was only last month that Samsung had released its Note 9 smartphone, and after that, it soon send out an update to stop the device from activating Bixby assistant accidentally. This time, over a month after releasing the phone, has released another update – which mostly focuses on its camera and thereby improving it. […] More

  • Microsoft Office 2019: New version releasing on OCT 2nd

    Microsoft Office 2019: First for companies, later for private customers It has long been known that the next version of MS Office, without subscription will be called Office 2019. Now it is also available – at least for corporate clients. Microsoft reports in its blog. According to the news, the software giant wants to bring […] More

  • Details On Google Core Algorithm Update

    It was only recently that Google had updated their “core search algorithm”, which affected the rankings of a various number of websites on the internet. Some websites do benefited from this update, while some others didn’t. But, what are the changes you might ask? Well, without wasting any more time, let’s jump on the details […] More

  • B.C. Adds $10M To Clean Energy Incentive Program, As Sales Of Electric Vehicles Soar

    Electric vehicles have gained a huge popularity over the last few years. With companies such as Tesla, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Porche, Audi and many more, trying to make the electric cars more mainstream and more power efficient as well. As electric cars are improving day by day, it will become more easy for consumers to […] More

  • Amazon Partnered with Getty Images to Enable Image Search To Echo Devices

    Now it will easy for you to search regarding any specific image, on your Amazon Echo devices with the help of Alexa. Amazon has now teamed up with Getty to provide all the various kinds of stock images on different types of responses made by Alexa, on the the range of Echo devices that are […] More

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