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  • Treatment Of Cancer With Big Data

    Treatment Of Cancer With Big Data

    To use millions of pieces of data that fly across the Internet. This is the magic power of Big Data. Artificial intelligence then enters the image to find patterns and give meaning to massive and heterogeneous information flows. Together, these two technologies have embarked on a giant mission far from their usual commercial applications: finding […] More

  • How Cloud Computing Is Changing Schools And Work Places

    Cloud computing had almost changed the look and appeal of work places.The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the skills businesses look for in employees. This next wave of change will fundamentally reshape all our careers. It is estimated that around 65% of children entering elementary school today are likely to work […] More

  • Fog Computing And Real World Applications

    Fog Computing And Real World Applications

    Cloud computing is storing and processing of data in data centres which are placed in far away location. With the introduction of IOT, the data generated from many devices is large. Hence fog computing came into existence. Fog computing is a distributed infrastructure, some of the applications processes will be managed by the smart devices […] More

  • Identifying Customer Needs With Machine Learning

    Customer needs are effectively identified with machine learning. With the fast changing world, customers needs and taste of the product may change. AI along with machine learning is trying to improve the process of business. Data from customer feedbacks, comments, reviews and ratings are to be collected. The collected data is analysed with the help […] More

  • How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

    How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

    Previously cloud is made available only to big companies and is now made available to smaller businesses as well. With cloud computing era small companies are even overtaking larger companies. Everything is the on-demand basis from storage to security which gives freedom from investments. Most of the small businesses are being migrated to cloud and […] More

  • Future Applications Of IOT In Health Care

    Future Applications Of IOT In Health Care

    Doctors, patients and other medical practitioners are mostly dependent on the applications of IoT. With the increase of chronic diseases, the need for more applications came forward. The electronic devices are connected to the cloud which receives the signals from users and is processed in the cloud. For example, when the owner enters the house […] More

  • Big Data Plays A Major Role In Disaster Management

    Big Data Plays A Major Role In Disaster Management

    Due to the natural disaster in 2017, it was estimated that 10,000 people were killed and 95 million people were affected. It makes a record-breaking year in natural disaster worldwide. 2018 is also more or less equally calamitous. With the introduction of big data, it saves many lives. As the technology is getting smarter day […] More

  • Big Data Is Making The Chemical Industry More Sustainable

    Big Data Is Making The Chemical Industry More Sustainable

    Big data is mostly referred to as high volume and variety of data which had hidden insights. The retail industry is benefited by acknowledging customer satisfaction and with the help of facial recognition technology buyer experience is improved. Featuring autopsy analysis and biometric strategies helped to solve many crimes. Even municipalities are employing big data […] More

  • How Governments are Getting Transformed By Artificial Intelligence

    How Governments are Transforming with Artificial Intelligence

    Major technologies like AI, cloud computing, big data, robotics, blockchain had drawn the attention of the private sector. To make the business more productive and increase the efficiency these technologies took a major part. At present, the government is trying to implement many AI applications and many are in progress right now. The best example […] More

  • Top 10 Cloud Computing Challenges

    Top 10 Cloud Computing Challenges in 2019

    Almost everyone is in the cloud in which cloud computing challenges are numerous. We have to figure out the challenges which are to be overcome. According to the survey, almost 96% of the IT companies are using cloud computing services, whereas 92% are using the public cloud. Many organisations are running around 40% of the […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence: Separating the Hype from Reality

    Artificial Intelligence: Separating the Hype from Reality

    Like bees for honey, technology trends generate hype. Just adding the word “dotcom” to the name of the company raises stock prices in the days of Internet salads. Cloud computing, big data, and each cryptocurrency have taken a turn in the cycle of sensations in recent years. Every trend brings truly promising technological developments, screwing […] More

  • cloud computing trends

    Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

    Cloud computing is an obscure service now turned in multi-million dollar business in the past few decades. Now we are going to discuss top trends in cloud computing this year. Cloud is just a digital version of the warehouse. Amazon web services launched the first cloud in August 2006. Later Google followed the footstep of […] More

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