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  • Cloud is turning data into cultural revolution

    The technology is continuously operating over some familiar breakneck as innovations, but nowadays market place is constantly enjoying the play of catch up with data. The main centre of industry is into megatrends of cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence along with “internet of things”, These all are going on by the demand of enterprises to hold […] More

  • BITS Goa to start Entrepreneurial Event

    ‘‘In the field of start up every single person is ready to make you understand the risk, but there are very few people to tell you how to see reward and get positive energy before you start.” It is very imperative to be the part of something big and these big start ups comes with […] More

  • Google is up with their new app Go

    Today, Google launches their new light version of search and the name of the app is Go, which can read virtually any of the website of your choice just for you. Go app has the capability to read out contents in almost more than two dozen languages, which is eventually giving more options to people […] More

  • Self Driving cars for transportation is targeted by 2020

    Knowing the fact that self- driven cars are the future in the field of transportation. There are some reports which states that around 10 million vehicles based on self- driven system are going to run on the roads by the year 2020. They will help in moving passengers from one place to another place, just […] More

  • 5 steps for building a data strategy for AI

    The data centralized world is now giving many organizations to induce some high- end analytics that can use artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is providing more customized user experiences to all the customers, when data experts and analysts get some new information to build from data or even that can just pass without getting detected by […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence will weaken the financial system

    In the few up coming years Artificial Intelligence will going to take over the world of finance or they can also automate the investing along with other services- but it is opening doors for some difficulty in systematic weakness and introducing risks, stated in a recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The report […] More

  • What’s New in Google’s AutoML

    Google is finally up with their beta version of AutoML , which is going to be the milestone in the field of deep learning as we are doing since ages. Google’s very new AutoML is afresh developed cloud software in the area of Deep Machine Learning tools. It is basically working on the Google’s fluent […] More

  • GE is selling out their digital business

    To offload the bulk of digital assets the General Electric Co. is all set to press their restructuring hard work to more of it. They are selling off all their digital business because there are just falling down to the industrial internet ambitions. The Wall Street Journal stated on Monday that people are very much […] More

  • Media startup NextGen Bags $145K during seed funding

    A start up based on media venture, Next Gen Science Media (NGSM) that is mainly focusing on the growth of Medical Science  and technology which are trending for new era clinicians, they raised in their first round of funding from Singapore- based Emerge Ventures, that DC Books India and some individual investors. The company got […] More

  • ARM will be buying the Treasure of Data

    ARM Holdings Plc is a UK- based chip maker company which said in a statement that they have finally acquired a US- based data analytic company named Treasure Data Inc. and this deal is having the worth of $600 million. Both the companies have made this announcement official. With the help of some unknown sources, […] More

  • AirOk – India’s first locally developed smart air purifier

    A Chennai- based start up AirOk Technologies has recently launched their very new range of smart air purifier and which is also India’s first locally developed air purifier ‘Vistar’ on Saturday.  This air purifier is equipped with touch sensor and Wi-Fi, the purifier has not only filtered the air with full efficiency but also the […] More

  • India-France Joining to Promote startup environment

    Government of India and France have collaborated their agencies which are ‘Invest India’ and ‘Business France’ and joined their hands to promote investment and a kind cooperative environment to all the start up plans of India and France.  This is a great move by India and France that will help to give much better facility […] More

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