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  • How Big Is Too Big?

    The internet has come a long way since its inception and with that the content has evolved as well, this evolution has given the consumers a new perspective towards media consumption and more and more people are shifting from TVs,Computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. With this paradigm shift in communication, companies are trying […] More

  • All You Need To Know About The ZUK Z1

    ZUK (pronounced: ShenQi) Mobiles a subsidiary of Chinese giant Lenovo was launched in May of 2015. ZUK follows an online only business model. The first phone to launch in India by ZUK is the Z1 which will be available starting May 19th exclusively on Amazon. The ZUK Z1 houses a 5.5 inch FULL (1080p) HD […] More

  • Launchers Which One Should You Use ?

    Android is customizable to the highest degree which is the reason it is so popular among its users. One of the core elements which is customizable on Android is the Launcher and there are tons of  options to choose from in the Play Store. But which ones are the best? Read on to find out. Nova […] More

  • The Big Debate : Earphones V/s. Headphones

      In-ear or Over the Ear is an age old debate in the Tech world, which one is better over the other and why? While in-ear may be smaller over the ear offers better sound. Which one should you buy? Depending upon a person’s uses they make chose from either based on Portability Portability is […] More

  • The Evolution: Android and Hardware

    Android, an operating system almost everybody uses but no one gives a thought about how far it has come from its starting point. It is owned by Google since 2005 and made its debut with the HTC Dream which was the first commercially available Android phone. The HTC Dream which is the first phone to […] More

  • The Evolution : Apple edition

    June 29th 2007 the first iPhone came out; fast-forward to 21st of March 2016 apples iPhones have come a long way in a period of 9 years and today we take a look at the Evolution of  iPhones. The original iPhone The original iPhone was launched on 29th June 2007 and was touted as the […] More