AutoExpo 2023: Tata Power to Set Up 25,000 EV Charging Points Across India

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AutoExpo 2023: Tata Power to Set Up 25,000 EV Charging Points Across India 1

Leading the EV charging solutions provider Tata Power has recently made the announcement starting a nationwide plan of setting up 25,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the country. This will behelpful in supporting the faster adoption of e-mobility over the next five years.


The company is having the reflection of its range of hi-tech electric vehicle charging solutions at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 which is going to hed in Greater Noida, India.

A first-hand experience of the technology is driving Tata Power’s widespread EV charging network. EZ Charge was provided to the visitors, that includes downloading of mobile apps for EV charging.

The application launched by Auto Expo 2023 is helpful in commuters in finding the nearest charging station. Now, the owners ust be keen to know the real-time availability of charging points, and receiving updates on charging status, amongst many others said by Tata Power.

The company shared the information regarding its Network Operations Center (NOC). The Centre helps in the effective operational management of charging stations all across India.

It is mentioned by the company that through its widespread availability in the EV charging space it helps in facilitating over 3,600 public or semi-public chargers and more than 23,500 residential chargers. According to Tata Motors, many of these charging stations were also equipped with fast-charging technology and located at various strategic locations including malls, hotels, airports, and office complexes.

NOC is integrated with the online platform that give support to Tata Power’s EZ Charge services. It is also inclusive of real-time communication link with all on-board chargers, and aids in the early detection of tech-related issues. The NOC is supporting quick problem-solving, back-end system support, and proactive planning for charging infrastructure upkeep.

Tata Power is helpful in providing EV charging solutions across every nook and corner of the country. The charging solution is available at homes, workplaces, fleet stations, public locations, and commercial junctions like e-bus charging depots.

Virendra Goyal who is the Head for Business Development, EV charging, Tata Power mentioned that the demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing in India. Therefore it becomes important to have a robust pan-India charging network.

According to Virendra Goyal, the company is excited to make the availability of products and technologies, which make Tata Power India’s leading EV charging solutions provider. The company is commited towards playing a prominent role in helping Indian consumers consider sustainable mobility in the future.

Tata Power mentioned that its EV charging initiatives are in line with the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP), which has an objective to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure by the itilization of the latest technological platform along with easy access to charging points for electric vehicles.

Along with having a strong network in Delhi-National Capital Region, Tata Power’s EV charging network spreads extensive presence in Mumbai, Goa, Surat, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru, and many more other states.

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