Automated Technologies That Can Speed up Manufacturing Processes

By Sony T
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IoT Applications
IoT Applications

When working in the manufacturing industry, it is important to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to produce products as quickly as possible. This is where the power of automation can come in, quickly able to replace jobs that were previously done by people. This does not necessarily mean that you are replacing people altogether but allowing them to work to the best of their ability in other projects, thanks to the incredible work of automation. If you are working in this industry and want to learn more about how to get ahead, then you are in the right place. Read this dedicated guide now to the best automated technologies that you should be using and the benefits that that can bring to your workplace.

Automated Pallet Trucks

Automated pallet trucks are a must-have tool to ensure a fast and expedient manufacturing process. These robot-powered machines can remember the layout of the factory floor and can be integrated with existing pallets to ensure that hands-free loads can move from one place to another, removing the need for human interference and helping your factory run around the clock. So, take a look now for an automated pallet jack that can help your business.

Autonomous Lifts

An autonomous lift operates in a similar way to a truck, allowing for a speedy transfer of goods from one place to another. You can train them to memorize the layout of a factory floor before ensuring an easy process for transporting your items. They can be operated remotely — you just need a trained supervisor to make sure that it is working safely and in the right way.  


Drones, often used by big companies such as Walmart, have exploded in popularity over the last few years for the variety of use cases that they can bring, from transportation to being able to keep stock of items and automatically update what you do and don’t have in your factory at any given time. Given their speed and autonomous use-cases, they have become a must-have for any manufacturer wanting to keep up in a competitive field. 

Conveyor Belts

One of the simplest ways to move items from one part of the factory floor to another is by using a conveyor belt. Although they have been around for about 100 years, they still remain one of the must-have tools if you are looking for the simple transfer of items, allowing for more to get done than by human use. So, take a look at your factory floor today to figure out how a conveyor belt could help your business. 

3D Printing

Before 3D printing, manufacturers would have to import nearly all of their materials before processing them into usable goods. With 3D printing, a large chunk of your materials can be automatically printed on site, allowing you to save money and cut down on the time it takes to have the right items ready for use.

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