From automotive to mobility, the future of IoT for the car industry

From automotive to mobility, the future of IoT for the car industry

Stay in touch through internet media- The Effects of IoT

The World today has recognized the true essence of using internet as a medium to communicate with each other. Also, many of them have started their business and gained a lot of satisfied customers too. Internet has played a vital role in development as a whole. Whether it is healthcare sector, agricultural sector, marketing, retail chain distribution, internet has not left any field to cope up with the changing environment and upgrading technologies. The automobile industries are also under the influence of Internet of Things and planning the future of the industry through this medium itself. Connecting people at large in a smarter way through the Smartphone have changed the lifestyle and standard of living among people. The IoT has proven itself to connect people, companies, and industries too.

Dealing through intermediary will not last longer

There will be soon a phase in life when each of us will take a step ahead to meet the dealers directly without any intermediary. Earlier, there were intermediaries who were hired on commission basis and minimum 20%- 30 % had to be kept aside for filling their pockets. There has been a revolutionary change in the automobile industry where IoT has played a significant role. People now do not ask for any agent services but keenly research each part of the car and its terms and conditions over the internet.


From automotive to mobility, the future of IoT for the car industry

Revolution in connected cars

Connected cars, sounds something relatively different. We have heard about modular cars, luxurious cars and now connected cars. Well, to simplify it connected cars are cars which is fully equipped with the settings of internet as well as LAN (wireless) allowing the drivers to share internet access both inside as well as outside. It has become a trend on the road to locate different places where we go either knowingly or unknowingly. We navigate and locate the unknown areas with the help of GPS. The IoT helps the driver for accessing the internet and find out about these places immediately and also shows real- time effects.

The industries today are looking forward to plan for efficient cars that not only help the drivers to take steps to avoid as well as rescue dangers but also take care of it by automatic savers.

Internet of things for the car industries- a boon to the automobile sectors

Cars like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford Motor, Volkswagen and many others have been enlisted as the connected cars having the features of IoT. It is a golden opportunity for the internet and telecommunication service providers to connect with these companies for building a strong foundation. The future of the automobile industries is no doubt is brighter than ever and the companies are making investments at large in the automobile sector. Internet of things has created a huge platform for the dealers, customers, as well as insurance providers to connect with each other. It is one of the best cost effective business models to take the internet platform to let people know your business. The automobile industries are finding ways to develop and increase their business plans with the help of IoT and expand the same.

It is since the year, 1996 General Motors had taken initiative to take the opportunity and get connected through IoT and lead to future growth. Thereafter, many companies followed the same principles and moved ahead with focus. The customers are relatively satisfied when they get full attention. It is actually a boon to the automobile sector for planning business ahead and takes it to the top.

For mobility, people are no longer depending on the public transport but owning a car for themselves. Among millions of people who are able to afford car are ready to deal with Smart Cars with all the safeguard facilities. Furthermore, the car insurance companies are also keeping a connection with the driver and their movement, speed, areas of travel and etc.; this has helped the automobile industries take the long lead in the market. Benefits of IoT are not only possible in education, health care or agricultural sectors, but there are many fields too where it has created a marvelous platform to travel on.

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