Avenged Sevenfold Leads Music Industry Transformation with Blockchain

By Srikanth
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How Blockchain Can Rewrite the Music Industry's Script

Avenged Sevenfold is doing something really cool by mixing music and technology. The band, always doing things their own way, teamed up with Berify, Bitflips and Ticketmaster to use blockchain technology. They have created a one million special digital tokens (NFTs) linked to their cool alternate reality game (ARG) and the big announcement of the “Life is But a Dream…” album and single. Lead singer M. Shadows and the band have made a bold move into the world of blockchain by making one million NFTs. This includes over 335,000 special Ticketmaster digital collectibles and more than 215,000 digital items you can use to get rewards, all for their dedicated fanbase. M. Shadows had a cool idea to use blockchain for something awesome and created The Deathbats Club. It is the first-ever fan club using blockchain and it is hooked up to the existing fan club. Right now, it is got 10,000 members. Teaching fans about blockchain and digital stuff was not easy, though. Avenged Sevenfold used Discord, a platform with almost 50,000 users and made videos to help fans get it. Berify’s tech is super important because it makes sure fans get rewards when they buy stuff like video game controllers or concert tickets. And with Ticketmaster, the band’s making sure top fans get the best tickets first. And they are using it to make sure the band’s stuff is the real deal, not fake. M. Shadows dreams of a future where everything fans buy can be scanned and more bands use blockchain like they do. The band wants to be a leader and prove that blockchain is not only for art – it can also make things better for fans in the wild world of music.

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