Most Awaited Iphonex is available! What techies say about that ?


The long awaited IPhone X (IPhone Ten), the future of Smartphone as I call it, is finally here having been made available for the consumers and reviewers awaiting feedback from them on the product after testing it.

When unboxing it, the first surprise is the beautiful view, physical appearance, of its 5.8 inch screen, covering the entire surface of the phone.

That’s when one would realize that the absence of the home button has had a great impact on the screen size with round corners making it more stylish. Its OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display feature makes the screen brighter and enhances the contrast which makes it visible even in the direct sunlight.

It has multi languages capabilities, supporting many different languages. In the box, one would find the IPhone X with preinstalled iOS 11, earphones with lightning connector, USB cable, USB power adapter and a 3.5 mm headphone lightning to jack adapter.

IPhone X features

  • Display and design

The new IPhone X has a large OLED multi touch display screen size of 5.8 inch with a resolution of 2436 × 1125 and an HDR (High Dynamic Range) display. It has the anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating which improves the scratching effect and water resistance capabilities in the phone. It has also compressed some of the features like the front camera with facial recognition and sensors on a small space on the top of the screen. It has got rounded corners, water and dust resistance, stainless steel band wrapping around it and a matching color blending the steel to the glass for its proper visibility and display of its most adorable features. It has got only three external: ring/silent switch, volume up/down and the side button.

  • Storage capabilities

The IPhone X has a storage capacity varying from the 64GB to 256 GB. In this case I am using the one with 64 GB capacity.

  • Camera

The IPhone X has got a dual 12 MP, wide angle, and telephoto lenses on the rear camera with both the optical and digital zoom for up to 10× for photos and up to 6× for video recording. It also has portrait lighting with real time studio lighting effects, advanced pixel processing, quick autofocus and good High dynamic range photos. Its good flash capabilities during the shooting of the photos and recording of the videos help to improve the quality of images taken as it helps to provide for lighting if need be. It also has a body and face detection which helps make the capturing and detecting of images in a photo easy.

  • Power and battery

The IPhone X has a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery wher it has got a fast capability of up to 50% charge in thirty minutes. It also has a capability of up to 21hours of talk time. It also has a wireless charging capability

  • Operating system

The IPhone X is installed with iOS 11 (iPhone Operating System) which makes this device more powerful and intelligent device that opens up both to astounding potential outcomes for enlarged reality in gaming and applications. With iOS 11, this device is the most effective and savvy gadgets they’ve ever been.

  • Technology used

The IPhone X has a A11 Bionic chip which is the most effective and powerful chip ever in the Smartphone world. This makes the device operate react on instructions faster. The A11 Bionic chip is the main thrust behind creative new highlights like Face ID and Animoji in the device. Face id unlock feature which enable the device to recognize the set face identity of the user and unlock it.

With all these good and special features, the iPhone X has got its pros and cons:


  • Good for photo and video shooting as its advanced technology and improved features enable it to capture high quality images.
  • High storage capabilities of 64 GB and 256GB for the storage of files and mostly the captured images in high quality
  • Large display size with 5.8 inch screen size
  • Good battery life with up to 12 hours of talk time
  • Face ID unlock  capabilities
  • Preinstalled apps that help in the carrying out of specific tasks in the device.
  • Fast wireless charging capabilities
  • Ability to multitask with the help of big RAM and high processing speed
  • Supports animojis


  • Does not support micro-SIM which is widely used and instead supports the Nano-SIM cards.
  • Expensive to acquire
  • Does not have a home button which makes it difficult to operate to some users.
  • The bugs of the operating system in the device
  • Battery drains during the use of the heavy applications in the device.
  • Cannot transfer files between the device and the computer as it will only do so with the help of iTunes.

In conclusion, the iPhone X is the best and stylish iPhone and of course the most expensive iPhone at the moment. But its new and improved features like the use of A11 Bionic Chip, Face ID, OLED display and the good camera features explains and covers for the cost of the device. To me it is best for the people who want to make good use of its photography and high quality image capturing as it has the best feature like the autofocus which help in such situations.


Written by Srikanth

Passionate Tech Blogger,Interested in Electronic Gadjects, Interested in Internet of things,Cloud Computing

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