AWS boosts ties with Indian partners to increase its services

AWS boosts ties with Indian partners to increase its services 1

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, the cloud division of the US-based ecommerce giant Amazon, has revealed that India has seen tremendous growth for the last two years, thereby making it one of the most essential markets for the company.

“Our business in the Asia-Pacific region has seen growth with markets like India, Australia, China, and Singapore growing fast,” Jassy said, adding that cloud adoption in these markets is still at the nascent stage.

“Nearly 60% of our partners are based outside the US, and out of all the partners that we added in the last year, 50% of them were from India and most of them were tech partners,” Hamarass said. AWS works with two kinds of partners—consulting and technology, she explained.

She revealed that AWS has a total of 40000 technology partners from the Asia Pacific.

Hamarass, who has visited the country at least four times this year, has revealed that AWS takes a customer first approach at the time of doing business with the Indian partners. The main goal is to help them disrupt their businesses.

To facilitate such type of disruption, business managers and partner at the AWS line up the right products for customers.

“Since we work with builders, we provide products and services that in turn will work as building blocks for our partners. We also have different partner programmes under which we certify them at different levels or provide knowledge to help customers,” she explained.

“The SIs are being pushed in their own markets by companies that are born in the cloud, and hence, they want to find new avenues of doing business,” Hamarass said.

The company is also working on doubling up it partners who want to avail of new services and products, especially with those which is merely based on the Internet of Things and Blockchain. “We are already talking to partners on the IoT and blockchain side to make sure our customers get the best of services,” she said.

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