AWS’s Cloud Innovation Reshapes the Future of Industries

By Sunil Sonkar
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AWS's Cloud Innovation Reshapes the Future of Industries

In South Africa, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a big player in the digital revolution, changing the game with innovative cloud technology. AWS thinks that using cloud technology is not just a tool, but it is super important for staying ahead in the fourth industrial revolution.


Speaking at the ITWeb Cloud and Data Centre Summit 2023, Rashika Ramlal, AWS Public Sector Country Leader, emphasized the significance of digital transformation and cloud migration. She said it is important to take everyone along on this journey and stressed how investing in skill-building is key for a successful digital transformation plan.

AWS has been proactive in addressing the demand for skilled talent. Ramlal talked about how AWS is committed to helping people learn about digital stuff through cool programs that match up with the country’s plan for digital skills in the future. The AWS Equity Equivalent Investment Programme, initiated in 2019 with a budget exceeding US$20 million, focuses on establishing 100% black-owned tech SMEs by December 2026.

Ramlal pointed out how learning digital skills can help tackle the problem of lots of people not having jobs. The government is counting on the digital world to create opportunities for them. She said using cloud technology helps regular folks and businesses be more creative and reach customers all over the world.

The launch of the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region stands as a testament to AWS’s long-term commitment to South Africa. Ramlal pointed out that AWS has been a big help to the country, spending R12 billion from 2018 to 2022. This helped create about 5,700 jobs every year for local folks.

Key milestones include the introduction of AWS Skills Centres, accessible in-person cloud learning facilities introduced in August 2023. Ramlal said these centers are for anyone interested in cloud computing. They have free classes and cool displays that show how cloud computing works in real life.

According to an independent Economic Impact Study, AWS activities are expected to contribute an additional R68 billion to South Africa’s GDP by 2029. To amplify this impact, AWS plans to invest an additional R30.4 billion in its South African cloud infrastructure by 2029.

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