B.C. Adds $10M To Clean Energy Incentive Program, As Sales Of Electric Vehicles Soar

B.C. Adds $10M To Clean Energy Incentive Program, As Sales Of Electric Vehicles Soar 1

Electric vehicles have gained a huge popularity over the last few years. With companies such as Tesla, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Porche, Audi and many more, trying to make the electric cars more mainstream and more power efficient as well.

As electric cars are improving day by day, it will become more easy for consumers to buy an electric car with a specific budget of their own. Therefore, after seeing all the potential, the Canadian government is now trying to improve its Clean Energy Vehicle Program as well.

The current provincial government has already invested $27 million for the Clean Energy Vehicle Program. This is indeed a lot when you compare other country governments making the investments. This $27 million investment also includes a $5000, credit towards the purchase of a new electric car.

This means that when you buy a new electric car, you will more likely get a cashback of $5000 – explaining the terms and conditions in the simplest way as possible. The promo offer is also applicable to plug-in hybrid cars too. If the vehicle is based on a hydrogen fuel cell, then the credit amount will be $6000, instead of $5000. Therefore, if you want to sell off your old gasoline or diesel car online please visit cashyourcaruae 

This will definitely help in maintaining the program till 2020. The funding for the program was about to get ended by the month of September 2018 but now is extended up to the year 2020. This is definitely a good sign for prospective buyers who want to buy an electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The compensation is really enticing and therefore will attract or lure more buyers in the long run. The current Energy Minister of the Canadian Government, known as Ms. Michelle Mungall said that this program is making easy for everyone in the province to move towards a cleaner vehicle for their next purchase. This will help in impacting the environment in a better way, and will, therefore, help the government reach its goal. You can also renew your current car registration

The additional amount of funds provided by the government, in terms of $10 million, will definitely make the whole clean transportation sector a lot more affordable. It will help the citizens to support the long-term sustainable plan that has been laid out, for a much cleaner future. Also, it will benefit the consumers as well, as electric or hybrid vehicles cost less to run on a daily basis, and also for maintenance too.

The Green Party Leader also welcomed the change and investment as well. Andrew Weaver, who is the Green Party Leader, said the government did act a lot faster, and also made the right decision on this essential priority.

According to the Ministry of Energy, currently, B.C. holds a 3.7 percent market share in the electric vehicle market – which is among the highest.

Written by Manpreet

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