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Baidu challenges Google with A.I. that translates languages

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Baidu, which is an internet giant search engine has now revealed an Artificial intelligence powered tool today which can easily translate the Chinese language into German in the real-time scenario, in a move to challenge a rival product from the IT Tech Search Giant Google.

As of now, many of the translation services online allow the users to say or write a sentence, but always there is some sort of a lag before it merely proceeds to serve up a translation. Moreover, Baidu’s so-called translation tool allows the sentences to be translated almost in a better way and instantly which is much more just like a digital version of what interpreters really do.

The product is a part for the Baidu which has been investing heavily in Artificial intelligence from so many years in a hope to build the future of its business on the latest technology.

The Natural Processing Language which also has the ability for the machines to understand the human sort of speech has been working and developing a fast pace. It is seen as a key innovative technology which can be integrated across a number of services and products especially voice assistants.

And the voice technology has also seen a major battleground for the technology giants which includes the Apple, Amazon, and Google.

As of now, Baidu, the tool can translate English to Chinese and vice versa or more probably the German and English. Artificial Intelligence tools require a tremendous amount of data sets to learn in the best way.

Baidu has trained its Artificial intelligence on two million pairs of the Chinese and English Sentences, the Baidu officials said in a report.

“We hope this AI technology will reduce the burden on human interpreters. But we are not tying to replace human interpreters, who we will continue to be depend on their services for many years to come especially for high stake occasions which require consistent and more precise interpretation,” Huang told in a report.

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