Baidu Unveils its Quantum Computer Called Qianshi

Baidu Unveils its Quantum Computer Called Qianshi 1

Baidu Inc., which is one of the leading AI-based companies with a strong Internet foundation, has recently made a huge announcement regarding its first superconducting quantum computer. This superconducting quantum computer fully integrates hardware, software, and applications. The company Baidu also introduced the world’s first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution that has a quality to facilitate various quantum chip access via mobile app, PC, and cloud. The launch was initiated at Quantum Create 2022, a quantum developer conference held in Beijing. This latest launched offering paves the way for the long-awaited industrialization of quantum computing.

In this world of transforming technology, it harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics in order to resolve the issues that are beyond the reach of classical computers. Quantum computing is expected to break the ice of the opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), computational biology, material simulation, and financial technology. However, there is a huge gap that exists between quantum devices and services.

As per Qian Shi, Baidu’s industry-level superconducting quantum computer incorporates its hardware platform with Baidu’s home-grown software stack. In the land of Baidu, there are various practical quantum applications that include quantum algorithms, which basically have the role of designing new materials for novel lithium batteries or simulating protein folding.

A stable and substantial quantum computing service is offered by Qian Shi to the public with high-fidelity 10 quantum bits (qubits) of power. As well as this, Baidu has recently accomplished the designing of a 36-qubit superconducting quantum chip with couplers. These couplers demonstrate promising simulation outcomes across key metrics.

Noticeable and, yes, remarkable progress has been seen in quantum computing in recent times; a large number of enterprises are exploring quantum computing, which is going to contribute to their real-world businesses in the near future. This has prompted the development of “Liang Xi,” the world’s first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution that facilitates versatile quantum services through private deployment, cloud services, and hardware access.

Liang Xi is able to merge into Qian Shi and other third-party quantum computers that are inclusive of a 10-qubit superconducting quantum device and a trapped ion quantum device that is developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. By better utilization of this service, the users can conveniently visit these quantum computational resources by using their mobile app, PC, and cloud.

Baidu Research’s Institute for Quantum Computing has backed these latest innovations; a wide range of areas has been covered by the technological footprint of the institute, including quantum algorithms and applications, communications and networks, encryption and security, error correction, architecture, measurement and control, and chip design.

After 4 years of hard work in research and development, Baidu has made the submission of over 200 core technology patent applications in the quantum technology field.

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