Bangalore Ties Up with Google for Traffic Management

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Bangalore Ties Up with Google for Traffic Management 1

Bangalore has become the first city to incorporate the street view characteristics of Google in order to tackle the rising menace of intercity traffic.

With the introduction of the collaboration of Google and Bangalore, a great initiative came into effect as a purpose to get the rescue; technology and artificial intelligence have come into the picture. Google has made a pact with the Bangalore traffic control authorities with a solution based on the Google Street View characteristics. With this, Bangalore became the first ever Indian city to incorporate the services of Google for tackling traffic circumstances. Pratap Reddy, who is the Police commissioner of Bengaluru, posted a post on social media in order to shed light on the news. This project is going to resolve the issues of traffic woes by incorporating AI-driven technology. The AI technology can manipulate traffic light configuration and thereby reduce wait time for commuters at junctions.

Traffic woes are the major attraction of Bangalore, and the city is famous for this factor. It was notable that vehicles moved at an average speed of 9.7 km per hour. And at work commute hours, the reduction in the speed is visualized at 4.5 km per hour. The wait time at each junction was estimated to be 5 minutes. Yet another perspective is. A commuter’s average time on the Bangalore city roads is around 240 hours a year. The worst part is that the city is losing INR 650 crores due to traffic congestion and delays on the road.


This is a major issue that requires immediate attention. The government has sanctioned several elevated roadways and corridors, which have the ability to resolve the traffic within a few years. As per several professors, it is believed that the main cause of the traffic is the rapid development of the construction which has been performed without much planning and vision.

Police Commissioner Pratap Reddy mentioned that he received data that was compiled by Google. It has been detected that in this data, after the introduction of the Google Maps Street View feature in the traffic management tool, there has already been a 20% reduction in halt-time for the ongoing passenger traffic. Furthermore, this will enable the individuals to save fuel, making a significant difference in the bigger picture.

The other advantage is that it integrates the speed limit alerts in the Google Maps application for individuals, which can contribute to speeding control for the traffic authorities. The officers who are at a higher level are being more optimistic with respect to administering traffic signals, thereby locating the troubled spots in real time and resolving the issues of the traffic on the streets.

In recent news, it has been seen that Google has partnered with Indian giants that are Tech Mahindra and Genesys to engulf Google Street view in nearly 10 major cities. The plan has been designed to expand the territory to 50 cities by the end of 2022.

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