Barcelona plans to create their Cryptocurrencies

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Ever since Xavi Hernandez has taken over the coachwhip of Barcelona Football Club, the team has shown tremendous improvement in several areas. The team is not all ready to create its range of cryptocurrencies, Click. This will be accompanied by a collection of Non Fungible Tokens as informed by President Joan Laporta. These measures were taken to mitigate the financial crisis the club had been in. The chief of Camp Nou had announced that the club is trying to develop its sense of metaverse. This can help them to survive in this harsh financial state


As Barcelona has tried to create its range of cryptocurrencies, Joan Laporta has also informed about the approach of several companies over this potential prospect. The ones trying to develop their in-house currency have already been rejected. The club is looking to create a range of tokens that will be imaginative and add better revenue values even other than football.

What has been revealed till now?

Laporta has created a vision in the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona very recently. The idea to create a metaverse filled with digital assets of Barcelona seems to be an excellent measure to recover the funds lost during many financial turmoil. This will also help to create assets that are singular for the Barcelona club. As the new idea of the metaverse is being made, the chance of being associated with a new currency is being rejected quite blatantly. The 59-year-old president will not be compromising on the quality presented by Barca for their fans. Creating their range of tokens will help keep the more significant shareholders online. The brand needs to be more imaginative and brave. This might be the first time a club is trying to get into the world of crypto as a measure of financial survival.

Tapping into the international market

As a part of the project that can help improve the state of finances, Laporta will hope to present their first range of NFT very soon. It will be something unique that will be sought by 300 million fans all around the globe. The president seems to be very excited about this, but he must be prudent as the news is still very confidential.

Crisis faced by Barcelona

Ever since Laporta was elected back into the club, the record-breaking debt of 1 billion euros was declared in front of the media. The condition was that top scorer Lionel Messi had to be dropped off from the team. The first team players were quite disappointed with the results. The club is actively looking for measured which will help to improve its financial state. Creating a range of digital tokens seems to be a good idea for this particular matter.

The players are well acquainted with the fact that these decisions are being taken. The club is relatively modern in its outlook, and it indeed uses modern media. The players have clauses about the NFT industry in their contracts as well. The fundamental objective is to create an opportunity for growth and development. Winning titles and impressing the fans might seem significant, but the club has to survive financially if they want to remain in the game.


Barcelona has already canceled a contract with Ownix, based mainly on NFT in the marketplace. The digital partners will not be accepted because there is a record of criminal matters in this company. Cryptocurrency-based fraud might harm the club more than usual. The values are against the club morale, and it is not possible to work with a firm that has such a shady history.

Ousmane Dembele, who has been brought into the team by Xavi Hernandez, has proven to be an asset to the team in the recent matches. The club hopes to renew his contract, and they will be placing these clauses in his contract as well. It is to be seen whether the club can bring Dembele to the team by the end of his contract. Even other than this, the club has several different places which require financial improvement. Laporta must act quickly if he wants the club to survive the odds of this economic turbulence.

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