Bard AI Is Not Only About Search, Google Tell Employees

By Srikanth
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Google unveils ChatGPT rival Bard

Last month it has been observed that Google had already made the introduction of the rival of ChatGPT which was named Bard. BARD is taken as a big achievement for Google but employees around the office and over the globe are making fun of the company. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai is called by ‘rushed’, ‘botched’ and ‘un-Googley’ names.


There is also the availability of several issues that are related to Bard. All these issues have been answered by the company’s executives in an all-hands meeting from Dory which is basically the company’s internal forum. In that meeting, the product lead for Bars, Jack Krawczyk mentioned that AI tools are not merely for search.

Jack Krawczyk has also shared that the magic that was the primary search of the company is making the usage of the product. This creative companion is helpful for the sparkplug for imagination, exploring curiosity, and many more things as well. Along with all this, Krawczyk was also in a very hurry to mention that the company can’t stop their users from trying to use it like search.

He further said that Google still has to make it available to its users who just want to use it for search. This simply conveys that the company has created a new element for internal use called “Search It.”

The company is also going to make the active trial to get better at generating the queries which are associated with it. The company is currently relying on the customer’s or the user’s confidence. Krawczyk also added that users will see a tab that makes the prediction of “view other drafts,” which would point people away from search-like results.

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