Basic to Advanced Questions Commonly Asked in Project Manager Interviews

Basic to Advanced Questions Commonly Asked in Project Manager Interviews 1

Even the most self-assured among us might become uneasy before an interview. They are bound to raise our heart rate, especially if it is for a huge post such as a project manager. 

But don’t worry. 

You can ease your nerves by anticipating and preparing for the questions.

Usually, during a project management interview, the hiring manager will ask a series of questions to see whether your experience and management style are a suitable fit for the job. To land a project management position, you need to be aware of the top project management interview questions and answers in order to prepare ahead of time.

So, here are we for your help, scroll down for the basic yet advanced questions commonly asked in a project manager interview. 

1. Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself

This statement is a frequent opening question for any form of an interview, and it allows you to express yourself and your intentions by giving them context to your candidacy..

How to respond: There are various approaches you might take to this issue. One efficient method is, to begin with, the present, then go on to the past, and finally to the future. Describe your function and your responsibilities. Then, mention previous experiences that are relevant to the position you’re looking for. Finally, discuss what sort of job you want to do next and why you’re interested in the position you’ve applied for.

2. Can You Tell Us About Your Most Recent Project?

An interviewer may question you about your most recent project to learn about the sorts of projects you’ve worked on, the project management methodologies you’ve used, the number of people on your team, and other facts.

How to Respond: Describe the project’s key elements, such as the general aim, team size, and how you addressed it. Speak openly about what went well, and try to express anything you might have done better or learned. Having some quantifications on hand to indicate the project’s results might be important here.

3. Which of Your Projects Was The Most Successful?

This question might show recruiters what you perceive to be a success. Projects can be successful if they fulfill their goals, timelines, and budgets, but they can also be successful if they can embrace change.

How to respond: Use this chance to highlight your abilities. Although modesty is an asset, don’t undersell yourself. If your team was successful, what did you do to keep the project on schedule or make it more efficient? Consider the important steps you and your team took to achieve success.

4. What Tools Do You Employ While Planning A Project?

Interviewers may want to know how familiar you are with various project management software.

Make a list of all the project management tools you’ve used in the past while preparing for your interview. These may include typical project management tools such as RACI charts, as well as collaborative software such as Asana or Trello. Mention what you enjoy about them and how you think they may be improved.

Do some research to see what tools you will be asked to utilize. You can present some typical project management tools as follows:

  • Trello 
  • Jira
  • Asana
  • RACI charts to organize work in Asana.


The role of project managers has changed dramatically throughout the years. A competent project manager must have organizational and negotiating skills, as well as communication and leadership abilities. 

Project management sometimes entails making accurate judgments in a short amount of time. Practice performing under pressure by having someone you trust pose various scenario questions to you. And it’s much better if you ask questions at the end.

Researching the firm with which you are interviewing will help you feel more confident before the encounter. Demonstrate knowledge of the company’s aims and vision to let hiring managers know that you are serious about this opportunity.

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