The Benefits of Cloud Computing In Gaming Industry

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the gaming industry, although it has been fairly slow to adopt cloud computing as a service option, especially, when it relates to gaming system solutions. However, there have been some believable positive developments in the gaming industry since cloud computing has started to help out businesses in their operational method. It has brought new opportunities to the gaming industry as well as a solution to previous problems. Application of various cloud computing technologies is beneficial to both enterprises and customers alike. Cloud technology has been extremely useful in bringing a great new array of contents in other entertainment industry like music and television to the users through a variety of devices like PC, Smartphones, and Smart TVs and Gaming industry will not be an exception. The gaming industry is growing rapidly and today its business worth a whopping $68 billion. This articles will try to describe the major benefits brought to the gaming industry through the technology of cloud computing.

  • Enhanced Security

Cloud computing companies maintained an industrial level security. It helps prevents external interruptions like hacking. In a cloud-based system, information is stored in a virtual space that would make it much safer than other traditional platforms.

  • Games are now compatible with devices of any type

Cloud platforms are highly scalable and this is being used to play any High-end game on lower end machine. Earlier, it would not have been possible as hardware requirements like sufficient memory, graphics ability, and processing power caused limitation for the game to run. Now the users can have an exceptional gaming experience even on any low-cost device.

  • Cloud has reduced the cost of the gaming companies

Earlier or in traditional gaming models, the companies used to pay more for wider bandwidth during the time the traffic in the system is high. This usually happened when a new gaming title is released on the market. However, most of the time, the traffic used to remain normal and gaming companies would have to end up paying more for server space and bandwidth. 10% of which was only used. In a cloud system, the payment strategy is ‘pay as you go’, so the gaming companies could pay only for the resources which they are utilized.

  • Games are easier to access

Cloud is an advanced technological concept, it non-complicated to implement and allows the consumers to access the games from any of their devices and from any location, without downloading or configuring the existing system.

  • Piracy will likely to be prevented

Most of the games today are not available as a physical piece in the market instead these are stored in the cloud server, which the gamers access through their personal computers. This lowers the chances of piracy and unauthorized manipulation that keeps the game’s originality and also helps the gaming industry from acquiring a huge amount of losses.

  • Games now could be played on a variety of devices

Today, games are not only played on a console but cloud computing has made it possible for playing games from a number of devices like smartphone, laptops, palm-held devices, desktops etc. The gamers could enjoy their games anywhere in the world and from any devices.

  • Backend support provided by the companies are immediate and dynamic

Cloud application’s capacity is much more flexible and scalable than the traditional application. This makes possible for the gaming company to provide immediate information and support as soon as the gamer log into his/her account. Cloud computing platforms provide the facility to save the game and also access it easily which increases the satisfaction level of the gamers manifold.

  • Cloud provides the gamers to access multiple games

Cloud computing platforms provide the gamers the opportunity to play multiple games simultaneously. It also helps the gamers to play and collaborate with multiple partners as well. This, in turn, makes the gaming industry more dynamic by generating real-time data and active participation. It actually opens up the possibilities for highly innovative and constructive contributions.

In the end, it could be said, that the focus of the gaming industry has changed from producing high-end hardware or console to developing interesting and long-lasting gaming content.


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