Benefits on Xiaomi ‘ShareSave’ Platform

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Benefits on Xiaomi ‘ShareSave’ Platform 1

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronic company opened the doors for smartphones, earlier, in 2011. The winged achievements and high ratings of the company led an immense score of satisfaction to its customers and investment to other trending technologies. Xiaomi became the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer and the second-largest market in India. Xiaomi spreads its arms to all the major countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and South Africa. The founder and CEO of Xiaomi company, Lei Jun, is estimated to be the 11th richest person in China. While Xiaomi is ready to augment its empire and technological aspects, it remains to go after the concept of overall economy, keeping the money standard of all the countries in mind.


The new wave of Xiaomi flows in the direction towards the e-commerce platform, called ‘ShareSave’ that is limited to India only for now. ShareSave is aiming to offer a swift and decisive way to order Xiaomi-Ecosystem products, specifically the ones not released outside of China. The company’s agenda is likely to touch the broad perspective of socialising and maintaining the e-commerce platform as the core model, that will allow the customers to make adequate purchases and equalise the products with friends and families to get additional perks or discounts.

ShareSave is a platform available only on Android App, yet the phenomenon to launch the version for web and iOS app is undiscovered. Mi is stepping forward to provide a more convenient and affordable way to order Mi ecosystem for its customers, which have already been released in China with the Xiaomi ShareSave, as reported on the official blog post. Hence, it leads to a global initiative where, India becomes the market launcher. ShareSave possesses three kinds of purchase modes:

  • Pair-up – Buy with a friend to get an exclusive discount for both.
  • Drop – Up to 100% price drop when enough friends and family join the drop group.
  • Kickstart – Contribute $0.2 to back your favorite products and get up to 10 times the reward.

‘Mi Crowdfunding’ in India was launched by Xiaomi, last year, that partnered with a count of more than 100 Internet of Things(IoT) and lifestyle companies. Xiaomi, now, also has the world’s largest consumer IoT platform.

“Xiaomi strongly believes in the power of communities and Mi Fans, and the social aspect of ShareSave is a perfect reflection of this. ShareSave allows for a place where Mi Fans connect, enjoy and share a unique #SharetoSave shopping experience. It also serves as a testing ground for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about the local demand for various types of product,” the company exclaimed in the blog post.

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