Bengaluru AI Startup Takes Lead in Carbon Footprint Reduction Efforts

Bengaluru's Sentra World, led by CEO Harsh Choudhry, uses advanced AI to measure CO2 emissions accurately, aiding climate change efforts.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
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Bengaluru AI Startup Takes Lead in Carbon Footprint Reduction Efforts

Bengaluru’s Sentra World is working hard to fight climate change. The company is using high-tech AI to cut down on carbon footprints. CEO Harsh Choudhry is leading the team and their platform is using natural language processing to measure CO2 emissions better, following important guidelines like the greenhouse gas protocol.

Sentra World’s main product, Calculus, is helping calculate emissions from different industries in detail, giving clear information about carbon output. Additionally, Sentra.Network is using blockchain technology to follow emissions in supply chains, ensuring that data is reliable and authentic.

Vikas Upadhyay, who is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company, highlighted how important AI is as it helps turn different types of data into useful information. By using AI for data transformation and checking, the company makes sure that the numbers they report about emissions are correct and reliable. This helps prevent problems like greenwashing.


Sentra World is getting ready to launch Reduce, a database of projects that reduce carbon emissions. It will help find the best solutions for customers. Because of their focus on being transparent and getting certifications, the company has gained significant attention. They were picked to join Google’s accelerator program because of their creative way of doing things.

Founded in 2023 by former McKinsey partners, Sentra World has collaborated with industrial giants in India and the Middle East, including Emirates Steel and Jindal Shadeed. Even though big companies like Microsoft and IBM are competitors, the company stands out.

Choudhry and his team stress how important climate rules are. They believe these rules are opportunities for companies to make more money. By backing sustainability goals, businesses can reduce emissions and save money, like getting lower interest rates on loans.

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