Bengaluru-Based Calmosis Innovates with Medical Cannabis for Better Health

By Sunil Sonkar
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Bengaluru-Based Calmosis Innovates with Medical Cannabis for Better Health

Bengaluru-based startup Calmosis has come up with holistic approach to healing. Hence, it is lately making waves in the wellness industry. Its founders, Karan Naidu and Praveen Singh Rajput, said that they aim to promote well-being in India. They want to empower individuals in taking control of their health.


The formation of Calmosis was inspired by Karan’s personal journey while he was trying to find a solution for his mother’s sleep issues. Calmosis offers a range of products that combine Ayurvedic herbs with cannabis to benefit individuals.

The flagship products of Calmosis are Peace Mantra and Sleep Mantra. These are basically designed to soothe stress, relieve pain and promote restful sleep as well. The products are safe. The products are natural alternatives to traditional allopathic medications. The products address common challenges of modern life. There are no side-effects too.

Calmosis is committed to quality and transparency. All the products are well testing to ensure purity, potency and safety. The testing guarantees customers get the best and most effective products. Apart from the products, the company also offers personalized consultations with expert Ayurvedic doctors.

Calmosis is also deeply committed to social responsibility and sustainability. It sources the ingredients ethically and simultaneously adopts eco-friendly practices. The dedication to sustainability reflects holistic approach of the company and mainly emphasizes the interconnectedness of personal health as well as environmental well-being.

To benefit from the products of Calmosis it is suggested to visit their website, place an order and thereafter receive the products delivered directly to their doorstep. The process is simple and convenient. It allows individuals to integrate natural remedies into their daily routines.

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