Bengaluru based Getafix Technologies launches one-of-its kind document digitisation platform – Scanroid

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Bengaluru based Getafix Technologies launches one-of-its kind document digitisation platform - Scanroid 1

Scanroid is a data digitisation suite that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate manual data entry and provide insights and analysis of scanned documents.


New-age technology and development firm, Getafix Technologies has recently unveiled an AI-powered data extractor and complete data mapping solution, Scanroid, that automates manual data entry process. The newly launched document digitisation solution can scan and read documents, categorise them automatically and ensure data validation and accuracy.

Considering the heavy dependence of several industries like HR, Finance and Manufacturing on manual document digitisation and data entry processes, Scanroid automates error-prone and time-consuming data digitization processes and brings down the cost of manual document digitisation. Scanroid can parse documents in over 200 languages and reduces errors by 52% and manual document processing costs by 35%.

Commenting on the launch, Asif Bhat, CEO & Co-Founder, Getafix Technologies said, “We are delighted to bring forth an industry-agnostic solution that can revolutionise the document digitisation process of multiple industries and businesses. With Scanroid, we endeavour to minimise human efforts and errors while significantly lowering the cost and time spent in manual data digitisation. As a tech-driven company, we want to accelerate the AI and automation adoption of Indian businesses and provide them a pain-free document digitisation solution.”

The data digitisation suite is bolstered with advanced capabilities that can identify text, characters, images and more. Additionally, the modern document AI tool can be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow of companies with their HRMS, ERP and E-commerce software. Getafix Technologies has successfully implemented the AI-powered data digitisation solution in several industries, including HR, Insurance, Finance, Accounting and Law.

Scanroid has delivered an accuracy rate of 95% in our internal testing and in our proof of concept projects. The tests highlighted a 38% faster retrieval of documents compared to traditionally stored documents – in part due to indexing of otherwise non-indexed data.  

As a launch promo, Getafix Technologies is offering a free trial with usage restrictions. Post free trial, the product will follow dynamic pricing and its costing will depend on the number of scans used in a month.

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