Bengaluru Startup Revolutionizes Social Commerce with AI, Micro-Influencers

Bengaluru's Froker revolutionizes online shopping with AI and micro-influencers, prioritizing customer control over profits, says CEO Akshat Saxena.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Bengaluru Startup Revolutionizes Social Commerce with AI, Micro-Influencers

Bengaluru startup Froker is introducing great change in online shopping by using artificial intelligence (AI) and micro-influencers. CEO Akshat Saxena states they want shoppers to have more control and care about what shoppers like, not just about making cash.


Saxena highlighted two key issues that Froker seeks to address. These are pricing and recommendations. Froker lets customers pick prices and uses smart technology to learn what they like, making shopping better for everyone.

Saxena further said that it is more important to care about what customers want than just making money. Drawing from his experience in the quick commerce industry, he noted a lack of emphasis on customer-centric approaches.

Froker’s cool platform uses micro-influencers called “Frokers” to share cool stuff with their fans. Shoppers can get personalized suggestions and rewards for shopping through them.

Powered by AI, Froker personalizes content and recommendations to suit individual tastes. The platform works with stores to help them reach more customers and sell more stuff. Right now, they are focusing on food and drinks, but they will soon sell clothes and other things too.

Saxena says social shopping is important for reaching new places like smaller cities. Froker mixes social media and shopping to fit everyone’s tastes.

Even though Froker faces challenges with data and figuring out how best to use it, they are sticking with using smart technology for searching, suggesting and helping out. Saxena says they are growing naturally by teaming up with influencers instead of spending lots on ads.

Saxena thinks social shopping will be a big part of online shopping by 2030. Froker wants to be the go-to place for brands that sell straight to customers. They will help brands get noticed and work with influencers to market their stuff.

Saxena believes lots of Indian companies will start using smart technology to make everyday jobs easier and help out analysts and developers.

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