Best 7 Mobile Analytics Tools

Best 7 Mobile Analytics Tools 1

Mobile Analytics is getting so trending day by day, with latest advancement and innovations, and nearly all the platforms has introduced different set of tools which is dedicated to analytical application. So, here we have compiled the list of top 7 mobile analytic tools:

Amazon Mobile Analytics

If you want to measure app usage and revenue, you can blindly rely on Amazon mobile analytics. Data-driven decisions can be made out in a classier and quicker way by using the advanced tools of Amazon mobile analytics. One of the best feature that enables you to interpret crucial graphical representation is the console of Mobile Analytics, it not only views the data but, can export app data to Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a freely available tool used by topmost app developers to trace data, making it global to be utilized in over 350,000 apps. Arbitrarily, every device is running about 7-10 apps with Flurry. The USP of Flurry is, it can monitor user behavior across multiple platforms and apps.


Is it possible that Google is not there in any of the advance tech tool lists? Here Google comes, with Firebase. Google has developed it for iOS also. Above all the Google dashboard wins the game, which empowers to monitor the cross-network campaign. Also, the querying tool provides the best query export solution.


Mixpanel works best for both mobile and web analytics. The customer engagement can be easily and deeply insightful with the help of these tools. Specifically, the user journeys are well traced and exported so as to make the decision-making more easy and clear. To name a few, Mixpanel has a number of tools including funnel analysis, cohort analysis, marketing automation etc.

App Analytics

The constantly upgrading data engine with the great user interface and easy implementation wins the game for Apple Analytics. There is no surprise if the tool provides best in service, the name itself is enough to prove the worth. It can be undoubtedly concluded that the apple analytics do have the list of strongest tools to track all the insights of user behavior.


The Localytics has a very strong and robust architecture able to handle around 90 thousand active users monthly with over 11.5 data points. The users’ flaws and funnels, granular analytics can be easily tracked down by using the tool. The tool enables the user to go for A/B testing, the only thing in which Localytics lacking is, it can export the data only into csv or pdf.


Countly covers almost everything from A to Z with, push notifications, segmentation, user profiles and finally the real-time analytics. Countly serves users over 10 million satisfied users. It has it all, desired by any segment user with a USP of being open source availability.


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