Best Affordable VPNs of 2022 for Home Use

Best Affordable VPNs of 2022 for Home Use 1

With the evolution of the internet, our eyes are mostly glued to the screens whether it be tablets, smartphones, or a laptop. From checking emails to browsing websites, and playing games to streaming movies and TV shows, all activities are part of our daily routine.

Our devices are connected all day long. Whether we use it or not, we are at risk of being attacked or hacked. The reason is that most people don’t take cybersecurity seriously. Companies are investing heavily in cybersecurity to keep their data safe and secure. Moreover, some internet providers like Spectrum also offer free security suites to keep people safe from any vulnerable attacks. If you have any questions regarding plans and packages, the best way is to contact Spectrum support available both in Spanish and English language. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can simply contact spectrum servicio al cliente for all the concerns and queries.

There are several ways to protect yourself online from being hacked. One of them is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). The benefit of using a Virtual Private Network is that you can hide your IP address and leave no trace of your online activities. Moreover, you can also access area restricted content to view websites and watch movies or channels.

If you are new to VPN, here are some of the best Virtual Private Networks you can use to protect yourself and access restricted content. Let’s get started.


SurfShark is one of the renowned VPNs you can get for privacy and security. If you subscribe to its 24 monthly plan, you can get it for only $2.49 per month. If you are feeling insecure due to its low price, keep in mind that SurfShark delivers what it claims. Some of the features are truly mind-blowing as it allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

The service provider has plenty of servers across the world. SurfShark also allows you to turn on camouflage mode to enhance secrecy by rerouting your traffic through different servers placed in a different places. SurfShark is compatible with almost all devices and web platforms including Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS.


If you cannot afford anything expensive for privacy and security, you can simply look for CyberGhost, another great VPN for home use. The servers of CyberGhost are spread all across the globe with more than 6300 units. Whether you want to access area-restricted content or want to use public Wifi for financial transactions, you can trust CyberGhost for all your needs.

CyberGhost offers security that every internet user demands and can give access to as many as 7 devices simultaneously. You can also upscale it by setting it up on your router. If you go for the basic plan, it will charge you only $2.29 per month for three years and three months. While it would cost you as high as $12.99 per month if you subscribe to only one month plan.


NordVPN is another cost-effective VPN for home users in 2022. The service offers optimal VPN service, both beneficial for office and home use. If you subscribe to a two-year plan, you can get the VPN service for as low as $3.49 per month while the 1-year plan would cost you $4.99 per month.

NordVPN owns 5200+ servers all across the globe that help you to stay secure and anonymous as long as you surf. Some of the notable features of NordVPN include tracker blocker, ad blocker, and malware protection. If you are using public WiFi often, you can trust NordVPN for all your privacy and security concerns.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a trusted VPN service for home internet users who are not willing to spend more. The service allows you to access worldwide servers at a blazing fast speed for file sharing and streaming.

The service also offers 24/7 support and allows you to use a Private Access Network on 5 devices simultaneously. The VPN can be used on all popular web browsers including Opera, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Keeping your data secure and private from others is not an issue when you have this VPN installed.


Browsec is another VPN service that tops our list to help you stay secure and protected all the way long. One of the best things about Browsec is that you can install it on your Chrome Browser for free and surf the web anonymously.

If you stumble across websites that use ad-blocker, Browsec will handle it without any difficulty. Moreover, your data will be safe whether you are using a home network or some WIFI in the nearest café. Browsec can be added to Chrome browser along with other devices such as iOS, Android, Edge, and Firefox.

Summing Up

When it comes to online surfing, streaming, and downloading, you cannot ensure perfect security. If you live in an area where content is restricted or you are dependent mostly on public WiFis, you can simply install any of the VPNs aforementioned.

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