Best AI-powered chatbot builders in India 2021

By Srikanth
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Best AI-powered chatbot builders in India 2021 1

Chatbots are usually the first point of contact for individuals seeking any service through a website or app. Often these chatbots act as a personal assistant to the visitor and help them resolve their queries and point them to the right direction so that their decision making process gets aided and result in sales. Owing to this capability, they have now become a must have for any business looking to engage its audience. If you are a business owner and not sure who to hire or employ to get the right bot working for you. Here is a list for your chatbot needs.


Appy Pie Chatbot

Leading global no-code platform Appy Pie offers a DIY chatbot builder, which is super easy to use and comes with a wide range of pre-designed templates. The Appy Pie chatbot builder comes with an AI & ML powered answer bot. Instead of nagging customers with questions, it answers their queries, even if it is asked differently. In case the bot can’t fathom what’s being asked, it is designed to give an option for redirecting the query to a live agent. The chatbots can be customized in look and feel while businesses can also boast of their brand logo. The chatbots can be integrated with website or mobile app.

InfiBOT by CXInfinity

CXInfinity, which is a business messaging and customer engagement platform to enhance customer experience, offer InfiBOT – an AI chatbot that functions across multiple channels like web & mobile chat, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, voice chats and social media & microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter. While helping businesses scale customer interactions across these digital channels, the AI-powered bot is completely efficient to handle initial level queries and also designed to escalate any complex conversation to a human agent in a seamless manner. It can further be integrated with CRM, Knowledge Base or other third party tools.

Simplifai chatbot

Simplifai is yet another AI-powered chatbot builder that builds customized bots to deal with repetitive work tasks and responding to queries. The platform offers an easy API integration wherein the bots merge with different functions or software in a hassle free manner. The chatbot can also handle unlimited users at a time, thereby ensuring no waiting time and 24×7 access for the customers. These bots are designed for contextual understanding rather than keyword identification and remember the conversation from start till the end.


This chatbot builder allows a business to build intelligent bots that can engage in conversation with customers where they usually do all the chatting. Irrespective of whether the customer has logged in from a desktop, tablet or phone, the 100% responsive bots ensure the same experience across devices or channels. It further lets businesses monitor different statistics and analytics like user interactions and number tracking.


Botsify, one of the leading names in the segment, provides unified chat automation for any businesses that eye omni-channel live chat services connected with multiple platforms. Designed to be integrated with website, messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WordPress or SMS, Botsify chatbot builder assures faster response rate, increased conversions through hundreds of third party integration.

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