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Best Blockchain Application Developing Tools

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Blockchain has been the new technology around the block. With so many features it has to offer in various sectors in an industry. The demand for Blockchain has increased which led to a rise in demand of Blockchain developers. A good Blockchain developer is hard to come by and developing a good Blockchain is a difficult task in itself.

Blockchain is more than just a decentralized digital ledger for transactions and data. It can execute program also, some Blockchain like Ethereum contains program like ‘Smart Contracts’. Smart contracts are programs that are executed when a certain condition is fulfilled without any intervention of banks or any other third party. Apart from smart contracts, there are some open source Blockchain applications that work on Blockchain technology; these are called ‘Dapps’ (Decentralized apps).

In order to develop a Blockchain, there are some tools that one should get their hands on for an effective and efficient Blockchain and Blockchain application development.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) by Microsoft

Baas or Blockchain as a Service was created by Microsoft Azure. It is a handy tool that allows developers to build Dapps in a cheaper and safer environment that are supported in many Blockchains like Eris, Storj, Multichain, etc. The major purpose of creating BaaS was to give developers the leverage to launch the Blockchain without the need to set up their own Azure and with just a few clicks for time-efficiency.

Blockchain Testnet

If a Blockchain developer is creating a new dapp using any Blockchain. Testnet or any other substitute system for the same Blockchain should be used for the developing purposes. Testnets are an alternative Blockchain that is used for testing purposes. This way, developers can experiment without harming the main Blockchain. Bitcoin and Ethereum have their testnets for developers to efficiently develop and test Dapps.

Mist For Ethereum

Mist can be used when working on Ethereum to send transactions, store Ether and to deploy smart contracts. Developers can utilize mist to develop their Dapps on Ethereum testnet or even on Ethereum Blockchain itself. One can simply get mist and starts working on their projects, though this should be kept in mind that in order to execute the smart contracts they have to spend Ethers.

 Tierion for Bitcoin

It offers developer tools and API to create a verifiable database of any kind of data or process on the Bitcoin Blockchain. It has also developed ‘Chainpoint’ an open standard to register data and to generate a receipt to verify the same, without any need of any intermediaries.

Coinbase’s API for BItcoin apps

For developers working on Bitcoin, Coinbase’s API gives them the leverage to easily develop Bitcoin apps. It also allows them to incorporate Bitcoin into already working applications. Not only Coinbase’s API can collect ‘read-only’ data but it can also help a developer in building something new, the range of capabilities of the API is quite wide.


Embark was designed for Ethereum Dapps, it is a developer framework that allows easy developing and deploying of Dapps or even an html5 application that uses decentralized technologies. One can utilize Embark to make new smart contracts and that too in JS code. It also looks for any updates in the contracts and automatically modifies the Dapps related to it.

Solidity Compiler

Solidity Compiler also known as Solc is a standalone module for offline compiling. Users have two choices while using Solc. Either they can use web3.eth.comile.solidity on their nodes to compile their own solidity files or they can go for solc.compile that doesn’t require any external node.

Ether Scripter

Ether scripter was created in 2014, it helps you to make smart contracts by simplifying the process with easy to understand blocks. Later on, the blocks are automatically translated to Serpent programming language, XML, and Solidity. In Ether scripter, the smart contract is given at the top and the terms and conditions of the smart contract are written in blocks below it. This makes the content of a smart contract easier to be understood by non-tech professionals.

Hyperledger Composer

It is one of the popular open source development tools for Blockchain applications. Its functions also help in Blockchain testing. There are three types of testing in Hyperledger composer: automated unit testing, automated system testing, and interactive testing. With its command-line interface one can easily execute tests in Ci/D system and to ensure the development is successful it can run ‘smoke test’ also.


Truffle is a development framework for Ethereum Blockchain, it is one of the popular frameworks according to its 4,288 stars ratings on GitHub. Apart from developing, it also has testing functions such as to write automated tests for contracts in both Solidity and JavaScript which help in developing the contracts quickly. Truffle is also compatible with other test runners like Chai and Mocha.


Populus is a framework for Python; it was designed to make things easy for Python Ethereum developers. it is powered by Python testing framework py.test. Populus offers powerful tools for testing Blockchain contracts.

Exonum Testkit

It is a framework that offers to test the operations of the whole service in an Exonum Blockchain. It allows developers to test API and transaction execution in the same system and in a synchronous environment.


With Blockchain and Dapps uses on the rise, the demand for better and efficient Blockchain developing tools will keep on rising daily. Developers are always on the look for a developing tool that reduces the time, cost, and inconvenience so that they can easily and quickly develop and launch their own Blockchain and Dapps. There are many Blockchain developing tools out there but the ones mentioned above are gaining the most attention in recent times.

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